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Dec 9, 2011

Snow day

5 miles on the schedule today....done.


This was not an easy five miles.  It was snowing the entire time I was running.  While I don't mind running the snow-you better like it when your from Michigan-I do hate when it's blowing right into your eyes.  I always feel like I need to think more about my running form when snow is going into my eyes because I keep thinking about avoiding the snow.  Haha!

Here's a snowy picture of a place in Michigan.  Anybody recognize where this is?
Hint:  It's in a Michigan State Park
So to help keep me going through the winter, I ordered a new beanie and a pair of gloves/mittens from Running Warehouse on their 12 days of Christmas sale.  I'll post pictures when I get them.

Well, that's all for day.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Already getting tons of snow? I'm hoping we can hold off here a little longer!

    Stay safe!

  2. I use my sunglasses with a clear lens on those snowy runs! Another option is a pair of safety glasses, they just aren't as fashionable!

  3. Snow already! We had a fluke snowstorm in philly in october, but usually we don't get hit until January or so. I'm always so nervous about slipping when I run in the snow.