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Dec 16, 2011

Quite a stir....

3 miles on the schedule today...done.


Yesterday I was talking to a guy at work.  He's does all kinds of triathlons all the way up to the full Ironman.  Last season, he did two half Ironman's and a Full Ironman.  He even did his full and then a few weeks later went to the Las Vegas 70.3 championships to run that as well.  Holy cow!

His first marathon(without it being in a tri), he BQ'd and beat the time by a couple minutes but needed another minute faster to get into Boston.  Wow!  It's dangerous because I could talk to him all day about training.

While I've always had tri's on my bucket list, I'm not sure I'm up for it.  One thing is for sure -- it's nice to have someone at work that doesn't look at me like I'm crazy when I say I'm running 20 miles this weekend.  You know what I mean?

Also, why is it that whenever you talk about running with people that generally don't do any exercise, they always talk about wanting to do it or that they knees are bad.  Or that they are going to sign up for a race this year?  I certainly try to be supportive about it and encourage them to sign up for a race but come on people....when I talk about running, I'm not expecting that person to get ready to run a marathon anytime soon.  I know when I did not run or do any exercise for that matter, I didn't care what people were doing.  You marathoners were all crazy.  Haha!


Speaking of crazy, I know some of you have see this article about the Rock N Roll Vegas marathon but thought I would put it out there.  The guy who wrote this - what a jerk!  Obviously, he knows nothing about runners and running.  It has stirred things up quite a bit - probably just what he wanted.  I thought this would be a fun race to run but now I'm thinking not.  I hope all Rock N Roll events are not like this - they looks like fun events overall.

Las Vegas Weekly Article click HERE

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I get the same reactions! "I can't run, my knees are bad" or (and I love this one…) "I hate running".

    First, my knees hurt when I was 236 pounds - not because my knees were bad but because I had too much weight on them! I started slow and dontcha know, running solved my knee pain!!

    I love the "I hate running" I didn't like it at first either - who does? It's hard. But you keep showing up and one day you find yourself not hating it, then almost liking it and on some days… downright loving it.

    I kinda want to do a tri someday too. Lack of a bike and access to a pool holds me back for now - and I can't afford to remedy either limitation.

    Sorry for the book of a comment. lol

  2. I wonder if I know your coworker....It is always fun to have people who understand you that work with you.

    I am really glad I didn't go to Vegas too. Night races are hard. Disney has their wine and dine race, it would be interesting to see how the experiences differ. I have done the T-rex series at night at Island lake. Granted, the recovery from a tri is a lot easier than a half marathon or full marathon, but I have only been really sick once, and that was due to heat/improper timing of nutrition.

  3. I did Rock and Roll Virginia Beach and it was nothing like the Las Vegas debacle. Well run, with lots of bands, food, and schwag. Of course the VB race is much, much smaller. I actually posted a review of my blog. It was one of my faves.

  4. I always wondered if it was because we make them feel guilty, as we are exercising and they know they should be. Some sort of twisted funhouse mirror of the soul.

    Nike made a commercial with all the excuses:

  5. I totally think that guy is just looking for attention.

  6. Luckily for me, I also have a coworker who is a runner. We get together and it's an all out running talk fest!
    Yeah I hear all the excuses from non-runners too. I forget that they just dont understand us crazy people.... :)

  7. That tri guy sounds like quite the enabler ;-) Go for it.

    I know what you mean about talking to nonrunners. I try to not even talk about running with anyone for just that reason. If someone asks, we'll chat, but otherwise I keep it to myself.