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Feb 20, 2011

Warrior Dash

11 miles for the long run today.  I have not run that long is quite some time  It actually went pretty good.  I really slowed things down today trying to listen to what Mr. Higdon says.  9:13 average pace.  It was also nice outside(but cold) so the weather cooperated - not much wind and no rain/snow.

I just found out that the Warrior Dash is coming to Michigan.  It's probably about an hour and 15 minutes away but certainly close enough to go.  I guess you would not really call it a race.  I would call it a race/obstacle course for crazy people!!!!  This thing looks incredible.  It is a little pricey at $50 but there is quite a bit of set up for this thing so I can understand the cost.

The race is 3.3 miles and you go through 10 obstacles including:

1) Junkyard Jump - jumping around old junk cars
2) Warrior Wall - go over a wooden barricade
3) Deadweight drifter - walk through waist deep water and get over logs
4) Chaotic Crossover - crawl across tangled nets
5) Arachnophobia - Thread through tangling ropes
6) Slithering Swamp - run through mucky waters
7) Walk the Plank - walk over planks(don't fall)
8) Cargo Climb - climb over cargo nets
9) Warrior Roast - jumping over fire!! Cool!
10) Muddy Mayhem - completely muddy crawl under barbed wire!

The name of the obstacles alone make you want to do this!  They saved the best two for last in my opinion!  Bye, bye to shoes as well since they will be full of water and mud so don't wear your new ones.  I just need to find someone crazy enough to do it with me.  It says that each wave of 500 goes off every 30 minutes.  They are almost full for Saturday so that means there is over 9,000 people already signed up but there is also openings for Sunday as well.

It looks really crazy from the video and pictures and would be lots of fun but really only with other people.

Has anyone done this race before and can give me your opinions of it?
Would you do the race if it came into your area or do you like to stay clean?

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!


  1. I have always wanted to do a mud run or some type of adventure run. Sounds like a blast. I say do it! Just go have fun!

  2. I haven't but I know someone who did and said it was awesome! It's coming here to CA as well and I'm thinking of signing up =)

  3. Haven't done it either but there's one in Twin Lakes, WI in girlfriend wants me to do it with her but it seems like a lot of cash to me. Who knows though.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. This sounds like a blast! A friend just told me that the Ruckus Race (similar idea) is coming here in June and I've been debating about signing up. My only hesitation is the timing - a week after my first half.

    Can't wait to hear what you decide!

  5. Warrior Dash is pretty cool. I had a friend do it last year. I want to do it this year if it doesn't interfere with any races.

  6. do you read Heather?

    she ran it a while back, and loved it (even tho she ended up injured)...

  7. I do Bobbi. She has an awesome picture over the fire! I'm going to try and be careful if I run it so I don't get injured. I don't care what my time is, I just want to have fun.

  8. Sounds insane and looks like SO much fun!! :0)

  9. My husband is doing this again this year! So fun for him. :) I was going to do it with him but he is going to do it with a buddy instead so I can be there with the kids...they get a kick out of watching him.

  10. I am doing this race in Ohio this year, I am looking forward to it

  11. I did it last year here in GA. So.Much.Fun. Like no other race you have ever done. I was completely drenched and caked in mud when it was over. Lots of obstacles. only one real stretch of running in my race and it was an uphill trail run. my best advice? Wear clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting trashed!

  12. I would SO do it if it was more local. I think the nearest one is like 4 hours away which is BS! Lol I've heard great things about it!

  13. I signed up for the one in Michigan in July. I'm really looking forward to the beer. And the helmet. And the glory. Did I say beer?