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Feb 25, 2011

Virtual 5k entrants - make sure your in!

Hi everyone:

Here is the list of people who are signed up for the Virtual 5k - 63 people so far!  If you still want to join us, please let me know by Friday at 9pm.  Send me an e-mail at detroitrunner(at)  That's my deadline since I'm allowing runners to run their virtual 5k starting on Saturday and going until two weeks from Saturday with the actual race on March 5th.  If you can do it that day great, but as I have said, it can be up to one week before and one week after.  Please also e-mail me after you do the 5k so I have your time even though the prizes will be given randomly.  Pictures would be great if you have them!!!  If you see information that is incorrect, please let me know.  Just click on the page to make it bigger.

So this is it, check out the Map.  Here's the States we will have represented for the race.  Pretty good coverage I think.  We also have three runners from South Africa, Italy and Malaysia.

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I'm there on page 2! My blog address is if you want to add it. If not--no big deal. Thanks for putting this together...should be good!

  2. I am really excited! I've never done a virtual race before!

  3. Wow, you've got a lot of people! Awesome!

  4. Don't forget jamoosh!

  5. Great job getting so many people. What a fun idea!

  6. Adrienne - thanks for the update.

    XLMIC - thanks. me too!

    Amanda - you're in

    Jamoosh - you're in!

    Michael - thanks!

    Also, I posted it after the Friday deadline so I'll allow people through end of today(Saturday) to sign up.

    Thanks everyone!

  7. Heck yes! That's awesome!!! :0) Can't wait!

  8. Hey, I found you from Alma...I saw you need someone from Utah...I could be your girl, but I'm running a marathon on the 5th...does that count? or do you want a true 5k? I could run the 5k next week... let me know... :)

  9. oops :( I guesss I wont be doing it with ya :(

  10. Racing Dawn - I've got you in.

    Scrappytbear - No problem. You're in.