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Feb 24, 2011

Detroit Runner on SPIbelt Facebook Page / Bucket list

Ran 3.1 today.  Also worked out with the Bowflex.  Still on the treadmill.  Got another inch or so of snow and we're expecting another 1-7 inches tomorrow.  Nice.  That's three days in a row and the weather is not looking good to get out there again until Sunday.  I'm hoping to be able to run my 12 mile long run outside on Sunday depending on weather.  I can't imagine doing 12 on the mill but if that's what I have to do, that's what I'll do.(But please wish for no snow/rain)


I want to thank SPIbelt for spreading the word about the Virtual 5k.  SPIbelt was very generous to include a post on their facebook page yesterday telling people about the race so hopefully we will get more to join us.  Please go to their facebook page and check it out and also "like" their page.  What a great company and products!

"I just felt like running" Virtual 5k.  Come on guys!!!  Just a reminder that the Virtual 5k is only nine days away but you can also run it a week before(which is in two days) or a week after as well.  I will be giving out some awesome prizes including two SPIbelt's(sweet!), two coupons for road ID's(awesome!) and the "Extreme Running" book.  Click here if you wish to enter the race.  Tomorrow I will post a complete list of who I have in the race so you can make sure you're in it to be eligible for the prizes.  You just need to follow my blog and let me know you're in to join us!!!

If you have an interest in being at the actual race, which will be at Stoney Creek Metropark on March 5th at 9:00am, please e-mail me at detroitrunner(at) so I can bring some refreshments for anyone that would like to join me for the run.  Ken over at Eastside Stoney Creek TNT Coach Ken also offered to help on refreshments as well.  Thanks Ken!  I'd like to do six miles that day(one loop around the lake) but you don't have to do that much if you join us.


I was thinking what I want to do for the rest of my life and the bucket list.  Do you have one?  Not that I have anything formal but here's some of what I would like to do -

- Run a marathon - To be checked off in May
- Travel to Hawaii
- Travel to Europe
- Take a cruise through the Panama Canal
- Become the top producer in my current company
- Jump out of a plane(yeah right, I don't think so)
- Spend the weekend on a deserted island; not Gilligan's island type but something with a luxurious hut :)
- Run New York City Marathon - regardless of how much I'm hurting in May, I want to do this one.
- Run an obstacle course - doing Warrior Dash this summer(this is also on a friend's bucket list)
- Run a 5 minute mile(not likely but I can dream)
- Enjoy life(I know this is general but I have to work more on this)
- Learn how to ride a motorcycle; I don't want to own one but it would be fun to learn how
- Volunteer for a race
- Meet the President(any President would do)
- Drive across the country seeing the USA
- Sign up for a triathlon
- Become an Ironman
- Write a book
- Own a business; I have some ideas but will not share them here
- Win a race - any race would do; perhaps if I could run a 5 minute mile, I could do both at the same time!
- Buy a SPIbelt and RoadID - Check and check, this one's done!!

I'm sure there are more but this was just from a quick thought about it.

What's on your bucket list?

Have a great day and.......Keep Running!


  1. My husband jumped out of a plane the year before we were married and is itching to do it's written on my bucket list in pencil, I'm still not sold on the idea.

  2. Being an Ironman is definitely on my bucket list. I also want to learn to scuba dive and many other great things.

  3. I'm looking forward to the virtual 5k!! Great Bucket List, Jeff!! The top item on my list is to swim with dolphins. I've always loved them so this is a huge goal of mine. A lot of mine have to do with traveling, running/exercising and changing the world. I actually have a little notebook with my list in it :)

  4. Great blog here!

    My bucket list includes getting to boston without being the moment...that's pretty much all that's on my mind. =D

    I'd like to try for both a 5k and 10k PR as soon as my foot is 100%.

  5. I like your bucket list...good stuff on there! I can't wait for the virtual's my only race for March and a tune up for my half marathon the begining of April. Still trying to figure out where I'm going to do this where I don't have to worry about stopping for traffic!

    And I wanted to tell you that after your post on the SPI belt..I went directly to their website and ordered one! Can't wait for it to get here! Thanks Jeff!

  6. Fun bucket list! It actually seems very doable :) Most of my bucket plans involve travel - Hawaii, London, Paris... NYC marathon would be fantastic too.

  7. 2 main things on my bucket list are: go to Australia and go to the summer olympics.

  8. JWF - I'll leave that one for your husband.

    Christi - I've done snorkeling but that's it. I have a cousin that used to run a diving operation in Belize.

    Mallory - The dolphin one sounds nice. You can do it at Seaworld in Orlando.

    Small Town Runner - welcome! Boston is a great one. It's not on my list because I will never be fast enough.

    Claire - I'm glad you're joining us for the 5k. You will like your SPIbelt, great running accessory. Glad you ordered one.

    Karen - I'm sure Travel is on most people's list.

    Crystal - summer olympics would be great too. I met Meb who is an olympian.

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  9. Go ahead and put me on the 5K list. I'm not 100% sure my back will be up for it, but maybe it will give me something to hope for. My bucket list right now includes - my back getting better - man I hope that's soon, but also one day to do a Half Ironman and a marathon.