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Jan 31, 2015

Kahtoola NANOspikes review

I received the Kahtoola NANOspikes awhile ago but got injured so I have not had a chance to use them until recently.  Unfortunately for us in Michigan, there's been some opportunity to run in these numerous times to formulate my opinion.  Here's what I received:
Kahtoola NANOspikes
It's really nice that they come in a little storage bag when you're not using them.  In fact, after they have dried off, I put them right back in here and store them in my glove compartment in my car so I never forget them.
Great case to store them
Kahtoola has a really good reputation so I really had an interest in trying these.  The concept is very simple, put these on over your shoes and they give you extra traction to keep you running in any conditions.
Excellent quality
The quality of the product is quite good and is very easy to get on and off with the push of your hands.  Once on, they do not move around at all.  There's no worries of these falling off and I've put them through the ringer on the trails as well as the roads with no issues.
Specific fit
They have 10 spikes that grab the ice when you are running.  One thing I like is that when I'm running with them, I don't feel them on the bottom of my shoe and they also don't dig into the side and top of my shoes.  They are quite comfortable.  Frankly, you barely know they are on except when you hit the ice and the spikes grab into the ice.

I also have a pair of YakTrax that I know many runners use during Winter.  There are some key differences that I saw with YakTrax.  First, NANOspikes work nicely in the snow as do YakTrax, however, NANOspikes are more comfortable on your feet and you don't feel them so much on the bottom of your feet.  Second, NANOspikes don't collect snow on the bottom when running in them.  Even when I finished an especially snowy run with them, there was no snow at all under my shoes after my run.  The biggest and best advantage I can see to the NANOspikes is when running on ice.  I could not believe the kind of traction that these give you on the ice.  I never felt like I was going to slip when running on ice which gives me more confidence when out in tough conditions.
Spikes are nice grip

You can see below how they fit over my Hoka Stinson trail shoes. As I said, they are very comfortable.
Comfortable fit
NANOspikes - keeping me safe!
If you are looking for something to keep you running outside this Winter, this is it.  These are something to have in your Winter running arsenal.  They retail for $49.95 on their website.

Interested in learning more?

Go to the Kahtoola website

Go to the Kahtoola Facebook page

Go to the Kahtoola Twitter page

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Disclosure:  I received the Kahtoola NANOspikes in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a particular opinion other than an honest one.


  1. Lucky for me it doesn't snow here...
    But they do look great!

  2. How do the spikes on these hold up when on basically bare pavement with basically no snow or ice? That may be the case sometimes here in Michigan.

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