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Jan 3, 2015

2014 year in review

Well, I had a good year of running for me this past year.  I didn't really have any goals for the year except to run my first 50k which I accomplished in October.  I also had no new PR's except for new distances.  Here's how my year played out:

I ran 24 races so it was an eventful year including:

1 50k - my first at Oil Creek and boy what an incredible route this was!  It's also the first time I've run in Pennsylvania so I added a new State too.
My first 50k with buddies Dave and Kevin

1 full marathon - my first trail full, at North Country Marathon
I had to get that medal - with buddies Rich and Kevin
10 half marathons - it was a big year for the half marathon distance.  It also put me at 30 half marathons overall.  It still remains my favorite distance!
I love the half!
1 10 mile - one of my favorite races - Kona Run
Always a fun finish at the Kona Run
3 10k's - all of which were double races as part of the Kona Runs

8 5k's if you include the 3 double races as part of the Kona Runs
3 double races - a 5k then a 10k - first year I've ever run a double race.  Why not go for three, right?

1 Duathlon at Race for the Border - my first!
Photo by Matt Boltz - the Du is a great challenge
I was blessed to be a race ambassador for Kona Running Company last year running all their races including all their doubles.  I was also a Headsweats, Gone for A Run, and Fit Fluential ambassador in 2014 as well.
Every medal that Kona offered in 2014
I ran two race series this year including the Kona Grand Slam which was comprised of four races(see picture above) and also the Thirsty Three series by Running Fit.  Both were excellent series!
Glasses, medals, a medal holder and beer, wine and hard cider at the finish
Overall, I ran 1,665 miles - the most I've ever run in a year thanks to 50k training.  A large part of my miles this year were on the trails.  I'd have to say at least 75% were on the trails this year and that will continue into 2015.  Many of them were also with my buddies Kevin and Dave which makes them fly by and I'm thankful to have them through training.

I ran my largest elevation gain ever for the year - about 48,000 ft according to Strava. 2.5 times more that I've ever done in a year.  For some reason, Garmin said I ran 57,779 ft in elevation gain but I'm not sure why the difference.
5,459 ft of elevation gain at Oil Creek alone!
I also really got into Strava this year and tracked all my running and biking on it.  Here are the challenges that I completed and partially completed.   These challenges are a great way to keep you motivated throughout the year.
Completed challenges part 1
Completed Challenges part 2
Partially completed challenges
I wrote 24 gear reviews on all kinds of great running gear including some excellent shoes.  I want to give special thanks to all the companies that allowed me to review their gear.

Finally, here's a summary of my entire year of running and biking.
Miles, time and elevation also including biking shown in pink
I'm not sure what 2015 will bring but I do know I will likely run more in 2015.  I hope all of you had a great year of running as well.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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  1. Dang, you earned a lot of hardware (and glasswear) this year! Congrats on conquering new distances and meeting all those Strava challenges. I'm a huge fan of Strava, too. All those numbers adding up make me so happy. I love that final graphic of your yearly mileage, very cool.
    Cheers to a wonderful 2015!