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Feb 2, 2015

Winter running

Last year I took the following picture which shows what I use to run throughout the Winter:

They say running is not an expensive sport, however, in Winter, it requires much more of the correct gear and clothing to run comfortably all year.  Of course, not everything above is required but there are things that help keep you warmer and less wet.

Goretex running shoes - I have a pair of Salomen Goretex trail shoes.  Frankly, I don't wear these often.  98% of my running in Winter is done with either regular road shoes are regular trail shoes.  These are great when temps get really cold.  Think -10 degrees or lower(at least for me)

Wool socks - I prefer wool as the temperatures dip.  These socks are made by Swiftwick.  I got them at RUNdetroit.  They are so warm and don't give me blisters.  I also wear Swiftwick's regular running socks all year.

Running tights and pants - 98% of the time I just wear running tights and all of the ones I have are made by Under Armour.  I also double up when it gets below zero but it's rare.  I have a cheap pair of Fila running pants for a second layer when needed.

Running underwear - yeah, I wear specific running underwear by Under Armour.  They are well made and last a long time.  They are comfortable and I don't chafe with them.  They are worth the money in my opinion.

Compression shorts - I wear these all year.  I like the compression and it helps keep my form.  Again, I use Under Armour for these too.  Lots of people don't wear or need them but they help me.

Running Winter Hats - I use a beanie style hat 95% of the time.  The blue one is by Headsweats.  The black one is also by Headsweats and has a brim and ear covers.  It's really nice in the Winter when it's really snowing hard.  I also love Nike's beanies which fit nicely over your ears.

Buff - The Buff is a must, in my opinion.  They can be worn lots of different ways and really help keep your face warm and you can still breath through them without feeling like you are going to die! haha!

Running gloves/mittens - most of the time I wear a pair of convertible gloves that turn into mittens made by Manzella.  They are the warmest mittens I own and are the only ones that keep my hands warm enough.  Of course, if the weather is warmer, just gloves are nice as well.

Running shirts - I usually wear a baselayer made by Nike.  These mock turtlenecks are so comfortable and really last a long time.  I've had two of them over five years and they are still going strong.  They are, however, expensive!  I got mine on sale for $50 and I have not seen them for less.  I've seen these up to $80 which sounds crazy but they work really well for me.  I also have a wool shirt by Ibex that is incredibly warm.  I don't wear it all the time because I get too warm with it but this is a valuable item to have as the temperatures drop.  I'll also have a review on their Indie Quick Link on the blog soon which is similar to the Buff.

Running Jacket - I use a Pearl Izumi Infinity Windblocking jacket.  I love this Winter jacket because it's great for temperatures below 30 degrees.  I also have a NorthFace jacket that I use when it's a little warmer outside.  NorthFace has some new jackets that look incredible but jeez are they expensive!

Running safety - I use the Noxgear Tracer 360 and also a Petzl headlamp.  I also have another headlamp made by Black Diamond that has even more power for the dark trails.  Unfortunately, in Winter, I run in the dark during the week so these are a must!

Garmin - shown is the 301xt, however, I'm running with the Garmin 220 at the present time.  I have a love/hate relationship with Garmin.  I love their watches but they are like cell phones.  You usually need one every few years.  Well, I guess "need" is all relative.  Nobody needs these.

So there you have it, my Winter running arsenal.  There's about a $1,000 in this picture.  Who said running was a cheap sport?

Some of the products I received in exchange for a review.  All reviews can be viewed HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I have come to absolutely love the convertible mitten/gloves this year. I don't know what took me so long in buying some! I also swear by a pair of compression shorts under tights when it's really cold. And a shell is sooo crucial in winter--my favorite has zip off sleeves to convert into a vest when you warm up.

    Yes, you have much colder temps than I do--the coldest we ever see is maybe 9-10 degrees. But I'll still whine! ; )

  2. I have my New Balance shoes and socks so go with my short tights, that's all I wear in winter summer and well always...

    It doesn't really get that cold here in Cape Town!

  3. I have the convertible mittens to you thanks to your recommendation and they work great!

  4. I would be wearing an oversized Oodie with those clothes, if the temperature was higher.