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May 12, 2014


Rest days
I think many times that runners see "rest" as that other four letter word.  I see people streak running daily and my answer to that is that I need my rest.  Of course, I don't have any other choice right now since I'm nursing an injury back so that I can run my next half marathon on Sunday but everyone still needs their rest.

I'm always amazed by how strong my legs can feel when I rest and take more than just a few days off of rest.  Most of us probably don't realize how hard we are on our bodies with all the miles we put in daily so taking time off is not really a bad thing.  I'm already feeling 100% better and it's only been four days.

I think with this latest injury, which really is my first where I've needed to take off this much time(10 days), it's taught me that I need to take periodic rest times during the year instead of just once a year.  I'm hoping that it will not only make my injury go away but help it from coming back and keeping me strong all year.

Another thing that I hope will lead to being stronger and having my legs feeling better is staying out on the trails on the weekends.  The cement and asphalt have not been my friend lately and the more I can get out onto softer surfaces, the better my legs feel -- well, maybe they don't feel better but I can get in the distance that I want in order to complete the races I'm doing this year.

So with that, I will do the smart thing.  I'll continue to rest another six days and I'll take it easy on my half when I come back.  Lucky for me that much of it is trails or dirt roads, and while a harder course, will be easier on my legs.  I can already smell the pine trees.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. You mean rest is not a 4-letter word!!! hehehe I always thought that it was! I am finding that I split my running year into four parts and take a rest week in between my seasons. I still am not good at resting due to injury and will attempt to run through it until I can't - shame on me, but it is the way it is :-)

  2. I like my rest days too! I could never be one of those runners that runs every day. Nope, my body won't have that and needs the rest!

  3. Rest is important. I'm hanging up my running shoes from 40 mile weeks for most of the summer...well that is my initial plan.... hope you are healing and go into the 50K training as well healed as you can be!!

  4. Rest... no a zero day isn't happening any time soon, not if I can walk!!! That said I have so many easy days it seems as if I'm alway resting!

  5. Enjoy your rest! I just posted about I'm glad I'm streaking because I don't have to rest anymore :) But that's me and my slow don't worry about time running. Then it is certainly ok to go without complete rest.