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May 8, 2014


Yes, I ran yesterday and it was a fun run but unfortunately it was also a test to see if I injured myself at the Novi Half marathon.  It looks like I did so I'll be taking a break until my next half marathon, Back to the beach, on May 18th.  Yeah, it's not ideal to take that much time off then run a half but that's the plan.  From what I can tell, I've pulled a adductor(muscle in the inner thigh) and it might take some time to heal.  Even if I have to walk the half, I'm doing it.

Until then, you can find me in the corner crying.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!(except me)


  1. I had that happen on Thanksgiving 4.5 miles into a 10K. It came out of nowhere and I came to a halt right there and limped along very slowly for the rest of the race. Millions of people were passing me and I just wanted to cry! I was so upset because I was running really good and was on pace to break my PR! I was even beating my friend, GIlbert, who I can never quite beat and he passed me too. Anyway, I'm sure you've done some googling and have found some stretches. I don't remember now what stretches I did but I'm sure you have probably already looked into it and have found advice. I didn't at all run for a week and then was very careful for another week. I was right back to training for the half I did in January but I was super paranoid for a few weeks and sometimes I think I even imagined that area hurting! (I was training for a vacation half in January for which I had registered, bought airplane tickets and booked an expensive hotel room and I didn't want any thing messing up my vacation!)
    I had been planning to participate in Runner's World's holiday streak that they were posting all over Facebook - run at least one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Years - my streak was over before it even started.
    It sounds like yours wasn't as bad as mine since you weren't brought to an immediate halt so hopefully yours will heal within a week like mine did. You just ran a half so you're trained for one and I'm sure you will not have a problem running the next one as long as this heals and I'm sure it will!

  2. That sucks. Rest up my friend.... and take it easy on the half.

  3. Sorry to hear that, I'm also I little injured, and will be seeing a physio on Monday!!!