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May 16, 2014

My first 24 half marathons in pictures....

Well, Sunday I'll be running half #25 so I thought it would be fun to show you the first 24 half marathons in pictures.  It's been quite the memory lane going through these.  I enjoyed running each and every one of these even if they were not all perfect.  They were the ones I chose and I would not trade them.   Here's a breakdown in years:

2010 - 1
2011 - 3
2012 - 7
2013 - 9
2014 - 4(so far)
Number 1(10/3/10), Brooksie Way(Rochester Hills, MI)) - with my brother in law - met Frank Shorter for my first half marathon!
Number 2(3/20/11), Rock CF(Grosse Ile, MI) - with race director Emily
Number 3(4/30/11), Let's Move Half(Mt. Clemens, MI) with my running buddy Trieu
Number 4(9/18/11), Capital City(Lansing, MI) - still my PR 1:39:18
Number 5(4/14/12), Martian Half(Dearborn, MI)
Number 6(4/22/12), Glass City(Toledo, OH)
Number 7(5/20/12), Back to the Beach(Shelby Township, MI) - mostly trail
Number 8(6/17/12), Ann Arbor(Ann Arbor, MI)
Number 9(8/25/12), North County(Mancelona, MI) - met Marshall Ulrich Ultrarunner(also first all trail half)
Number 10(9/30/12), Brooksie Way(Rochester Hills, MI) - 2nd time
Number 11(10/6/12), Brucklelaufe(Frankenmuth, MI)
Number 12(3/24/13), Rock CF(Grosse Ile, MI) with my running buddy Kevin - 2nd time
Number 13(4/21/13), Lansing(Lansing, MI)
Number 14(5/19/13), Great Lakes Bay(Midland, MI)
Number 15(6/2/13), Dexter to Ann Arbor(Ann Arbor, MI) - met Clint Verran Hanson's Runner
Number 16(6/22/13), Charlevoix(Charlevoix, MI)

Number 17(8/3/13), The Legend(Laingsburg, MI) Trail
Number 18(9/29/13), Brooksie Way(Rochester Hills, MI) - 3rd time
Number 19(10/6/13), Sleeping Bear(Glen Arbor, MI) with both my running buddies
Number 20(10/20/13), Detroit(Detroit, MI)

Number 21(3/30/14), Ann Arbor(Ann Arbor, MI) - 2nd time
Number 22(4/7/14), Cocoa Classic(Detroit, MI)
Number 23(4/26/14), Trail Half(Pinckney, MI) all trail
Number 24(5/4/14), Novi(Novi, MI)
#25 coming on Sunday - Back to the Beach(Shelby Township) - 2nd time
I guess you could say the Half Marathon distance is my favorite distance and still remains my favorite.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Nice! Equally amazing as your 24 half marathons is your ability to organize your pictures.

  2. Awesome ... I love picture recaps. So cool to see the evolution. Great job Jeff!

  3. I don't have pictures of all my half marathons....