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Feb 10, 2014

It's my routine......

While many of you have run much longer than I, there's certainly one consistent in my life when it comes to running.  It's the long run.  For me, I've run the long run pretty much every weekend since I started running almost five years ago.  Of course, it depends what I'm training for but, the last few years have had me running anywhere from six to twenty miles on the weekend.

Races keep me going and when I'm not doing a long run, I'm typically racing.  When I'm not racing, I'm typically doing my long run.  It's been a staple in my life.  When I'm on vacation, when I'm up in Northern Michigan, when I'm at home - it's what I do.  I said to a running friend the other day that my wife knows where I'll be on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  While I might skip a run here and there mid-week, I have rarely skipped my long run unless it was for an extended rest period.

It doesn't matter if it's sunny, raining, snowing, hot, cold, I will get my long run in.  Here's a collection of pictures all on my long run.
Stony Creek winter 2013
Paint Creek Trail Summer 2013
Bloomer Park Summer 2013
Pontiac Lake fall 2013
North Central State Trail near Gaylord
Rochester behind the library heading to the trails
Stony Creek Winter 2014
Stony Creek Winter 2014
Stony Creek Winter 2014
Given where I live, Stony Creek Metropark is perfect for running in the Winter, Paint Creek/Clinton River Trail is great for the Summer and North Central State trail is great when I'm up North.  Pontiac Lake can be great in all seasons depending on the snow.

My goals this year are to get out to more trails and parks.  I must get to the Poto trail this Spring and Summer.  I also plan to hit several Metroparks in the area.  While both are not close to me, I need some more variety.  I also plan to run some of the group runs with RUNdetroit.  I need to branch out and what better way that running with a group?

So, as a runner, I'm sure you also have your favorite places nearby to run and places you will drive to to run.  It's part of our lifestyle and, for me, I cannot imagine not having this.  I look forward to running with my running buddies each weekend after a long week of running alone and in the dark.  I'm lucky to have a couple running buddies as crazy as me who enjoy racing and running.  It sure makes the time go by when you're in good company.
Monumental Marathon 2013 with Kevin and Trieu
6 miles completed today plus weights after as well.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Dawn was just saying to me the other day she misses the places she use to run, we weere cycling and she saw a house being rebuilt, and another with trees down. it's the small things you miss if you don't get out!

  2. Oh yes, I've been running for 32.5 years now and my long run routine is there just as your's. I often run races as long training runs, but whatever happens, I do my long run.