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Feb 11, 2014

Bayshore Marathon training Week 3

Well, I missed a couple weeks recaps but I've been training for marathon #6 and #7.

So this week marathon training has pretty much gone as expected.  This winter has really tested my ability to continue running outside.  I truly love running outdoors and still have not moved to the treadmill this winter.  I figure if I can get through -30 degree wind chill, I can get through anything old man winter throws at me.  Here's what I did for the week:

Monday - 3 miles; I had planned to run 5 but I just could not do it.  The race I did on Sunday really threw me off.  It was a snowy 5k and today's run was super cold!  Post run yoga was just what I needed to start to feel normal again.

Tuesday - 5 miles; felt a little better today but running in this damn snow is driving me crazy.  The roads are so snow covered and make for such a tough run outside.  The cold does not help either.  Every time I pass a car at 5am, I'm wondering what they think.  Weights and Yoga also done after work.

Wednesday - 3 miles; a nice out and back and the roads in the condos near my home make this one a bit easier.  Weights again after work.

Thursday - 5 miles; another cold run with a -8 windchill.  Happy to be done with this so I can rest.

Friday - Rest day but I ended up doing yoga.  It almost always seems better than just rest and today it was nice.

Saturday - 10 miles; another cold long run.  This was actually one of my coldest long runs this year.  I didn't warm up until mile four.  If I can keep my feet and hands warm, I'm good to go but I could not seem to get there quickly today.  I was good after running four.

Sunday - Rest day; it's nice not to have a race today like I've had for the last three weeks.  Just sitting is nice.  Haha!

So the theme of the week?  I could do without the cold and snow.  So can't wait for Spring to come!  Three weeks down, fifteen weeks to go!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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  1. So in the morning before you head out, what is the rest of your family thinking? isn't you wife trying to talk you out of leaving the warm bed?



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