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Feb 22, 2014

Headsweats season - every season!!!

One of the great things of the Headsweats ambassador program is I get the benefit of picking out three hats for use during my training.  I'll do detailed reviews on each of these once I use them but just wanted to share what I chose.

I chose a Go Hat with my Alma Mater on it - Central Michigan University.  I already have this type of hat and these are awesome for training in warm weather and running races.  I'll probably save this one primarily for races.

The second hat I chose was the Classic in Red.  This is like a Du-rag for running.  You can tie the back of the hat and fit it just like you you want it.  It's also got a built in sweatband too.  I actually use this and the shorty, which I have a couple of already, for training in the mornings.  These are awesome to use during a dark morning run since you don't need a bill on the hat and it also makes it easier to see the light from your headlamp too.

The third hat I chose was the Summit beanie.  It's a bit thicker around your ears to keep them warm and then it's very thin on the top.  I originally thought this was for training in Winter.  While you could use it part of the Winter, if it's pretty cold out, less than 30, I would recommend one of their other hats including the Thermal Reversible Beanie or the Alpine Reversible Beanie which have much more material to protect you from the elements.  I think the name Summit got me thinking that it would be good for up in the mountains but it's better for temps from 30-40 in my opinion.

So that's the new hats I have for this coming season to train.  I also just purchased an Alpine Reversible Beanie and a St. Patrick's Day Themed Thermal Reversible Beanie to get me through the rest of winter.  For those of you not in Michigan, it's been crazy cold and snowy here this Winter!
All these, along with my current Headsweats hats below, should cover me for anything weather throws at me this year.  As most of you know, I'm an outdoor runner and I can attest that I've run in 90 degrees with some of these hats and -35 windchill and they provide any runner what is needed for any weather.
Starting from the blue ha in clockwise order - Thermal Reversible Beanie, Toaster Beanie, Shorty black, Shorty white, Go hat with 26.2(which I save for races mostly), Airlite hat, and the Fleece Race hat.
Also, don't forget that you too can benefit from me being an ambassador - save 25% on all of their hats at regular price with the code detroit25.  In addition, Headsweats offers $5 flat shipping now so you can get a really great deal on their hats.  They are super easy to clean - just throw it in the washing machine and set it out to dry.  I've washed the two shorty beanies above at least 100 times each and they still look brand new!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  I received the three hats as part of the ambassador program.  All opinions are my own and I'm not required to provide anything other than an honest opinion.

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