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Feb 24, 2014

Bayshore Marathon Training week 5 summary

Hoping for a start just like this in May(This is the 2013 start of the Bayshore Marathon)
Another eventful week.  The weather was a challenge again but ended up being fairly nice by the end of the week.  Here's how I ended for the week:
Click to enlarge
Monday - 6 miles - Had the day off for President's Day so Kevin and I ran a loop at Stony Creek.  It was -13 regular temperature.  Probably the coldest run I've ever run at Stony Creek.  Ridiculous!  I didn't even warm up for four miles!  I also passed the 120km mark for the Strava February mileage challenge.  Since I had time I also added Weights and Yoga after the run.

Tuesday - 3 miles - It was a dark, snowy morning but I got a chance to try out my new Trail shoes, the Pearl Izumi N2's.  Still hard to tell if I'm going to like them for the marathon since I need a longer run in them but it was a good test.  I also added post run Yoga today.
Pearl Izumi Trail N2
Wednesday - 6.2 miles - A warmer day which was a treat.  I only needed one layer and a thin jacket today.  Yeah I wish this would stick around but that's not happening.

Thursday - 3 miles - A little cooler out but the winds were calm.  Roads were a little icy but it was only a short one.  Getting back to wearing the Kinvara's too.  After run weights too.

Friday - Yoga only, no running.

Saturday - 13.1 miles - While I only had 12 on the schedule, I ran this because of the February half marathon challenge on Strava.  It was not that cold out but it was really windy and made for a challenging run.  Had a couple running buddies to help pass the time too.

Sunday - Yoga only, no running.

Total miles for week #5:  31.6 miles

Looks like Michigan is going to be back into the Polar Vortex again this coming week and it's a step back week so a little less mileage.  Yeah, I'm really looking forward to that..........not!

Hope your training went well too!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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