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Jan 5, 2014

You can still have a great run in extreme cold

Ok, I'm not talking about Negative 70 degree wind chill but temperatures in the teen's or even single digits with wind chill in the -5 to -15 degrees is still ok to run(at least for me).  Of course, it helps that the sun is out when you are running and even better if there's no wind but my running buddy and I did a run just like this at Stony Creek Metropark the other day and it was sunny but still windy.  Yes, it can be tough but it's still a pretty run even in the dead of winter and it sure helps having a running buddy to help you suffer through it.  Haha!

Usually the first mile at Stony Creek is brutally windy but we got there around 8am and there was no wind which is almost unheard of at this point in the run.  Not the case later on in the run.

We even saw the Hanson's runners out doing their training.  It seemed crazy how fast they were going with the slippery path.  While the path was plowed, it was not salted or, at least, the salt was not working. Brrrrr!
Stony Creek - work on the bridge
As we almost hit the one mile mark, the sun was coming up at the perfect time for a nice picture.  Yes, I believe I am Kevin's professional photography on most runs.
Kevin working hard in the cold
The park really plowed a wide path this year.  I've never seen them go that far outside of the asphalt path.
The below picture is always one of my favorite parts on the path that we pass no matter what time of year it is as it's nice to see the water flowing.  It was pretty frozen and, as you can see, there's not much water showing.
 This is also a nice part of the trail but it's also where it started to get windy!
On the other side of the lake we found the wind.  It made it crazy cold at this part of the run and for most of the rest of the run.
We finished up with only six miles for this run.  Had the sun not been out, it could have been brutal but ended up being another enjoyable run even if it were in the teen's with a negative wind chill.

Are you still running in these temps or worse?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. It is great that Stony keeps their path cleared! I have been braving the cold and running there the last couple of weeks as well.

  2. It's been hot here in Cape Town for the last week, so on my longer runs I've been looking for the mountain dams to dive in to cool off!!!
    Good luck in keeping warm as 2014 starts.