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Jan 21, 2014

Marathon Training started Monday!

Well, frankly, I'm kind of surprised myself that this is here.  I sort of signed up for the Bayshore Marathon on a whim.  I actually got on to sign up for the half marathon when registration for that opened but I decided against it due to the cost.  The half is pretty pricey at $85 and it sells out in hours so I guess they can charge those prices.  It is a great course.  Then the marathon registration came up and I decided to just go for fun.  Last year when I went to see my running buddy Kevin run his first marathon, I had wished I was running that day.  It was an absolutely perfect day for a marathon and I can only hope to have that good of weather this year.
Kevin running his first marathon at Bayshore
My sister in law will also be going and running her first marathon and my running buddy will also be running his fourth there too.  I've decided to cut back on my training this time around and train with Hal Higdon's Intermediate I schedule instead of Intermediate II.  In my last training schedule, I felt like I peaked during my third 20 miler and then was drained at the race.  I'd like that to not happen again and taking out the third 20 miler should help that.  I also don't want to push it too much since I'll be running a trail full 13 weeks later - the North Country Trail marathon.  Since I was so focused on time for the Monumental Marathon, I've decided this one will be all about fun.  I really don't care what my time is as long as I enjoy it and finish without feeling I got beat up.  In fact, that's the theme for all my races this year - fun!

For those of you not from Michigan, Bayshore Marathon is located in the resort town of Traverse City.  Fortunately for me, it's an hour from our cottage so I get to enjoy a good nights sleep in my own bed.  It also helps that I know what to expect since this was my first marathon back in 2011.  I certainly won't be as nervous as when I was here for my first marathon.
My running bud and I ready for marathon #1 - freaked!
It's also a bonus that it's a Holiday weekend falling on Memorial Day weekend so I won't have to work until Tuesday.  This will give me a couple days to rest up.

Marathon #6, here I come. 18 weeks and the countdown begins.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Good luck! Marathon day will be here before you know it! I always love running a race that I have previously ran too.

  2. Bayshore is on my bucket list, but most likely the half instead of the full. Good luck!

  3. Yes 18 weeks is a long time to train for anything, as you rightfully said you don't want to peak to soon... So remember to watch you don't run to much in your cut back weeks.

  4. Awesome! I will enjoy reading your post as you train for #6.