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Jan 24, 2014

Beer Run Summary and excitement!

As I said previously, I organized a group run with the SEMR(Southeast Michigan Runners) Group on Facebook.  When I joined the group only about six months ago, there were less than 500 people.  There are now over a 1,047 members and it continues to grow each day.  Of course, not everyone is involved daily in the group but there is a fair amount of people that discuss all things running.

I thought it would be fun to get everyone together not only to run but to socialize a little as well and what better way to do that than over a beer!  This was the first time I've put together an event like this and had loads of fun doing it.  It appears I'm not the only runner that likes to enjoy a beer after a run.

I ended up getting to Red Fox English Pub early to get set up, who by the way, did an awesome job.  Josh, who I've run with many times, also got there early and offered to help out with anything I needed.  I was happy to have the help.  One of my regular running buddies, Trieu also helped take all the pictures you will see.  Also, Bruce helped by sweeping the course just as would be done with any type of race - even though it was just a group run.  There were numerous others that asked if I needed help and I really appreciated it but we were able to handle it with the four of us nicely.
Me, Josh and Trieu with our finisher medals
We ended up having 82 people show up to run of 103 that said they were coming so an excellent turn out - especially considering that it was only 8 degrees with a negative wind chill.  IT. WAS. COLD!  I didn't get many pictures while out running since it was dark but got this one crossing the street as we started.

I thought having Bruce really helped because when he walked in everyone knew it was time for the prizes since he helped sweep the course.
Of course, I wanted to make sure we got a picture of the group which was easier said than done but we fit in as best as we could.  It's hard to fit over 80 people in one picture!
SEMR Beer Run group picture!
From there people were ordering food and eating as we got ready for all the prizes.
Getting the giveaways ready
Here's a list of what we gave away from the generous sponsors and all the winners and their excitement!

Thanks to Buff - The Buff

 Thanks to Balega - Balega socks    

Thanks to Velopress - Quick Strength for Runners book

Thanks to Velopress - Racing weight cookbook 

Thanks to Velopress - The Runner’s Guide to Yoga book 

Thanks to Velopress - Rock n Roll Marathon Training book 

Thanks to Detroit Runner - Great Baraboo glass

Thanks to Detroit Runner - Griffin Claw glass

Thanks to Goat Head Gear - Sole Spikes

Thanks to EnDevr - EnDevr Strength Tape

Thanks to EnDevr - EnDevr MyID sleek

Thanks to RooSport - The RooSport

Thanks to Road ID - $15 Road ID certificates

Thanks to Armpocket

Thanks to Cheribundi - Cheribundi Juice

Thanks to Mark Matthews(Twitter @matthews_mark), local author and runner - On the lips of Children book

Thanks to Noxgear - Noxgear Tracer 360 lighted Vest

Thanks to Injinji and Outside PR - Injinji socks winners

Thanks to GU and Outside PR - GU packs

Thanks to Pearl Izumi and Outside PR - Pearl Izumi Tech Shir

Thanks to Strava and Outside PR - Strava Bottle/Jersey Bin

 Thanks to Road ID and Outside PR - Wrist ID Sport certificate

 Thanks to Kona Running Company - Kona St. Patricks Day Run race entry

Thanks to Running Fit - Mandy giving out their prize - Hightail to Ale race entry

 Thanks to RUNdetroit - Justin from RUNdetroit giving out their prizes - Rock CF race entry

 Thanks to RUNdetroit and Corktown - Corktown race entry

 Thanks to RUNdetroit and Cupids Undie Run - Cupids Undie Run race entry

 Thanks to RUNdetroit - Three $25 gift card

I want to thank everyone for coming out and braving the really cold weather to run with the group and congratulations to all the winners of the prizes!  Without the great crowd, this never would have been a success.  The sponsors also made the event really special and it was certainly appreciated by this crowd!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Thanks for an awesome time Jeff! Had a blast!

  2. I dont know how I missed this post. Holy crap, 82 people for a pub run! Looked like an awesome time. Hopefully once the word is out we can host something as huge as yours. Great job!!