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Jan 30, 2014

Updates on past discussions

Just a few updates on some things I've discussed in the past.

Strava - have you signed up for Strava?  I'm really loving this program to log all my training.  At first, I was not 100% sold but as I use it more and more, I really enjoy it.  The monthly challenges are really fun.  A recent challenge was to do a Prove It run and if you ran 100km, you opened up an opportunity to purchase a "Prove It" shirt.  Yeah, it was probably to sell T-shirts but I liked the idea.  I still have not decided if I will buy the shirt or not but it's very engaging.  You can even look at someones profile when not logged into Strava.  Here's a great snapshot of what you have done:
My Strava activity
The social aspect is good as well.  I do find it more difficult to find others compared to DailyMile but I also find that many of the people in my group that I follow are more local which makes it better too.  I've now got every single run I've ever logged in there.  It took a little work but it's nice to see everything there.  Another thing I like about it is the clubs.  This is especially useful for local running groups to get together and compare how they did with other runners on a weekly basis.  Really fun!  Check it out at STRAVA.
The Garmin 220
The Garmin 220.  So far I really like the new Garmin 220 I purchased - it's watch sized which is great.  It's easy to use, it's geared towards running and it does exactly what I need.  The satellite reception is incredible and "remembers" my position so it's ready to go in seconds.  I'm also using the heart rate monitor much more than I thought I would.  I'm not using it for training purposes but it is nice to see how my heart rate goes especially running races and long runs.  The biggest disappointment I have right now with it is the Software.  The Garmin Connect app for iPhone and iPad is a real issue.

Essentially what happens is that when I open the app, it downloads about 90 days worth of activity.  For me that's a lot of data.  Once it downloads it, part way through, the app crashes and starts over again.  From there it downloads everything again and then works fine.  Well, it works fine until the next time you want to use it which is usually the next day for me.  The same thing happens again.  One of the reason I bought it was for the wireless feature with Smart Bluetooth so hopefully Garmin can direct me to a solution so I can start downloading my workouts via wireless versus plugging the watch into my computer.  I will say that plugging it into the computer works great and also makes it easy to get my workouts into Strava as well.  I've contacted Garmin tech support and they are looking into it so hopefully they can fix the issue but I'm not the only one with this issue.

Anyone have the same issue with theirs?
Photo borrowed from DCrainmaker site
Speaking of Garmin, I posted about this on Facebook yesterday.  A new Garmin activity tracker is coming out shortly.  It's called the Garmin Vivofit and you can read about all the details HERE.  Since I'm a pretty loyal Garmin fan, even with the software issues above, I'll likely purchase this when it comes out.

I always feel that while I run a lot(121 miles this month), and I do some yoga and weights, I feel like I sit around on my butt the rest of the time.  I'm not sure that's actually true but I think the Garmin Vivofit will tell me a thing or two about it.  It looks like an all emcompassing tracker with lots of features.  You can also connect your heart rate monitor to it but I doubt I will do that because who wants to wear that all day?  I will, however, wear the tracker watch 24/7 so I'm looking forward to it coming out and at $129.99, it's reasonably priced.

Tell me, do you have something similar and give me your thoughts on the competition and what you like about it if you do own one?


The SEMR Beer Run group run
For local runners, if you have not already joined, you might want to join the Facebook group, SEMR(Southeast Michigan Runners).  It's a group of over 1,100 runners from the area with an opportunity for group runs, meetups at races and a place to ask your running questions.  I find it very informative and a great way to get to meet people in your pace range if you are looking for a training partner.  There's also a Strava club too that I set up that you can track your runs with some of the members of the group.  The picture above is a group run we did this month that yours truly put together - 82 people came - lots of fun!
Anyone else tired of this cold?  Spring can't come soon enough.
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the info about the Garmin activity tracker. Like you said, I've loved my Garmin watches but the software could use a lot of work. It's been working pretty well with my current watch, but I've been very frustrated at times in the past. I have been interested in the activity trackers because I do a lot of walking at work and I'm curious just how much I do. One of these days I may look into the trackers more.

  2. I use the Flex tracker, since other than running I didn't do a lot of walking. It's an expensive way of telling me to get up and walk! I use it for the sleeping pattern also but have yet to look at all the data.

  3. Strava is one of the sites I use, and yes it's fun.

    PS it's still summer here and today is set to be 33*c