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Dec 30, 2013

The best of racing

I thought I share my experience with you of races that I've run in 2013.  Of course, please keep in mind that these are just my opinion and based on just the races that I ran this year only.  I've put together a few categories that might be of interest to you.

Best Course 
Mustache Dache 5k - hands down the winner in my book.  I know, it's a short one too!  This was my absolute favorite course of the year and I'm so glad I got to be involved with racing RUNdetroit's first race in the area.  The course layout on the Riverfront in Detroit and in the State Park was my favorite of the year.  In fact, I've already got it on my schedule for next year.
Mustache Dache course
Best Race Organization
Kona Running Company - I've run lots of races over the last few years and Kona has exceeded in all areas of racing.  They are always looking for the next best thing.  They upped the ante in regards to more races, more bling, more fun.  It's great for serious runners and casual runners.  When it comes to overall race organization, Kona is the best that I've experienced this year.

Most Fun
Mustache Dache 5k - this was a really hard one for me to decide.  I have fun at almost all the races that I run so it was REALLY hard to pick this category.  I chose this one for several reasons - start and finish at Atwater Brewery, incredible course, running in Detroit, fun mustache theme, a mechanical bull at the finish.  How can you not have fun?
Mustaches, running and beer!
Best Race Series
Kona Triple Crown - Ok, so it's the only race series I ran this year but it was a great one.  The Triple crown - run three races including the Sham Rock N Roll, Kona Run and Wicked Halloween and get an extra medal.  An outstanding idea!  Look for their Grand Slam Series next year.
The Kona Triple Crown Series
Best Half Marathon
Charlevoix Half - this year my favorite half was the Charlevoix half.  Heck, who wouldn't like running there and making a weekend out of it.  The course was nice, the organization was good, the scenery was excellent, the bling was great.  They even had reasonably priced race pictures.  Overall, a nice race.
Race pics
Best Trail race
The Legend - Running Fit put on a great trail race with this one(minus the bees).  This was also part of a series called the Serious Series but I could not do all the races in it.  I loved the course on this race and love being out on the trails so it's my pick of the best for this year.  The only drawback - it's a long drive to get there - but worth it.
Just an incredible trail
Best Bridge in a race
Great Lakes Bay Half - One of the things I love is running across bridges in races.  I know many of you would have expected me to say the Ambassador bridge and I do love that one as well but the most unique and fun bridge I ran across this year was the Tridge in Midland. 
the Tridge - Midland
Best Finish Line
Monumental Marathon - this one finishes in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.  I was impressed with the entire course but the finish was a welcome site for sure!
Awesome finish area
Best Bling
Wicked Halloween 10k - Kona just knows how to do things right when it comes to bling.  I also credit them to bringing up the standard in bling to other race companies.  Competition is a wonderful thing, isn't it?  I chose the Wicked Halloween for it's huge medal, awesome 1/4 zip race shirt that you wouldn't mind wearing all the time and, if you did the Triple Crown series, you also got the Triple Crown medal.  I will say that they will have some competition in 2014 in this category but this year, they were clearly the best!
Best Charity race
Rock CF Half - Not only is this a great race, it's also an outstanding event for the benefit of The Rock CF Foundation.  It's an organization to help increase the quality of life for people with Cystic Fibrosis.  The race director, Emily, has the disorder too and so this organization is run from the heart.  Runners with CF run the race for free too!  If you ever wanted to run a race and you want it to go to charity, this is the race to run.

So what are some of your favorite races?(especially if you live in Michigan)

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I have to agree with your Moustache Dache choices! We had a dozen of my friends/family fun the race just because of the theme, location, and course.

  2. If I was to look at only my Michigan races my favorites would be:
    5K-Corktown... I loved the Weather and the atmosphere
    10K- Kona Run...loved the Surfboard medal
    1/2 - Brooksie...I loved the challenge of this course. The hills caused me to push myself harder which resulted in a new PR.

  3. I add Brooksie Way to most challenging road race next to the Ann Arbor Half. Both are great "warm ups" for spring and fall marathons! If it doesn't kill you, it WILL make you stronger.

  4. Great weather. I would enjoy my day their by wearing my Oodie that I bought with Oodie discount code. looking forward to be there.