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Dec 3, 2013

November Review

So, a fairly productive November.  Ok, my miles were not as many, my yoga was less and my weights were less but I still ran a marathon.  Speaking of that, it's what caused less working out this month.  The marathon always seems to do that to me.

Here's the results:
Click to enlarge
Miles run:  111.61 miles.  Still over 100 miles for the month as I have been all year.

Miles biked:  0 miles.  What can I say?  I hate the exercise bike and I don't have proper clothes for biking in this weather.

Miles swam:  0 miles.  No excuses here.  I just don't have access to a pool.  The lakes are a little cold right now.

Yoga session:  8 sessions.  Still keeping up with this.  Even after a marathon, yoga is my best friend.

Weights sessions: 3 sessions.  I lacked on this after the marathon but should be back for next month.

Races:  3 races.  The Monumental Marathon(#5), Mustache Dache 5k(my new favorite 5k course) and of course, the Kona Chocolate Run 10k, their inaugural race.  All can be found in the race reviews section for more details.

How was your month?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. What training calendar do you use to track your workouts. I like it!

    1. That is the Garmin Connect calendar. I also use Strava which is great too even if you don't have a Garmin.

    2. Well what do you turns out that I have that same calendar. I am new to the Garmin Connect site :) Thanks for showing me a new feature!