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May 3, 2013

April recap......

Another month in the books.  Where is the year going?

So here it is:

Miles Run:  118.89 miles!  Yahoo.  Another 100+ month.

Miles Biked:  0 miles; oops.  I guess I better start so I'm ready for my first tri in August

Miles swam:  none; while I'm sure I'll start swimming, I'll probably wing it in the tri in August.

Weight Workouts:  9 workouts; still keeping to my twice a week goal.

Yoga workouts:  11 workouts; exceeded my goal of twice per week - I love it!

Races:  Two races this month:  The Mountain Man 5.6 mile Trail race and the Lansing Half Marathon. You can read the reviews of both in my race reviews tab.

Time training:  42 workouts with over 25 hours training.

Calories burned:  12,508 ; so why have I gained a few pounds?

Click to enlarge

I hope your month went well too!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. You're gaining muscle! That's my story and I'm sticking to it....

  2. Get on that bike Jeff! Good month though, and don’t let the weight be your motivator. I am constantly neglecting the swim too and have ended up “winging it” it just about every Tri I have done…not surprisingly I have also been one of the last swimmers out of the water as well. I had always thought I was a decent swimmer until I started doing triathlons! At least I don’t sink haha

  3. Awesome job last month! Way to go!!

  4. sounds like a great month! I'm sticking with the muscle theory too. Also yoga 11 times is pretty impressive. May have to give it a whirl again sometime.

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