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May 13, 2013

2013 race schedule finalized

Yes, I know, it's already May but I just finalized my race calendar for the entire year this past week.  I have 20 races on the schedule this year - the most I've ever had in a year and really the most I'll ever want in a year.  This is a crazy schedule!  I'm lucky enough to be a race ambassador for six races this year.  Of the 20 races, 10 of them are new races that I have not run in the past.  As you know, I love putting together race reports for all of you and having new races on the schedule helps me share what else is out there - good or bad.

I've also got the most half marathons I've ever had in one year at eight races plus a full this year as well.  The full will give me State #3 in Indiana.   Of course, as life comes, there could be a last minute race to add but, as of now, I'm registered for all of these except for the Alpenfest 10k in July.  One thing different this year from previous years is that I'm pretty much racing all year.  Who says running has a season?  I'm sure by the time Kona's Hot Chocolate Run comes, I'll be happy to take off some time from running.  I'll probably also take a week off after Charlevoix Half as well just to give my legs a break.

2013 race schedule
Freeze Your Franny 5k(Shelby Township, MI) 1/26(completed)
Super 5k(Novi, MI) 2/3(completed)
Corktown 5k(Detroit, MI) 3/10(completed)
Shamrock 'n' Roll 10k(Plymouth, MI) 3/17(completed) - race ambassador
Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon(Grosse Ile, MI) 3/24(completed) - race ambassador
Bald Mountain Mountain Man(Lake Orion, MI) 4/7(completed)
Lansing Half Marathon(Lansing, MI) 4/21(completed)
Great Lakes Bay Half Marathon(Midland, MI) 5/19(registered) - race ambassador
Dexter to Ann Arbor Half Marathon(Dexter, MI) 6/2(registered)
Kona Run 10 mile(Northville, MI) 6/8(registered) - race ambassador
Charlevoix Half Marathon(Charlevoix, MI) 6/22(registered)
Alpenfest 10k(Gaylord, MI) 7/20
Stony Creek Offroad Triathlon - Sprint(Shelby Twp, MI) 8/11(registered)
Crim 10 mile(Flint, MI) 8/24(registered)
Brooksie Way Half Marathon(Rochester, MI) 9/29(registered)
Sleeping Bear Half Marathon(Empire, MI) 10/6(registered)
Detroit Half Marathon(Detroit, MI) 10/20(registered)
Wicked Halloween Run 10k(Plymouth, MI) 10/28(registered) - race ambassador
Monumental Marathon(Indianapolis, IN) 11/2(registered)
Kona Hot Chocolate Run 10k(Plymouth, MI) 11/17(registered) - race ambassador

See any races you might be at?  Let me know so we can meet up before the race to get a quick picture for the blog.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. That's not a yearly race schedule, that's a whole career of races. The charlevoix half is one I've always been interested in.

  2. Nice list of races, but what about December? Might as well add 1 more to make it every month!

    1. My thoughts Santa Shuffle?

    2. Haha. You guys are killing me. Funny you bring up Santa Shuffle because I mentioned it to my running buddy. We will need to see how the legs are feeling after this. That full is probably going to wipe out my legs. Maybe a small 5k in December. Lol.

  3. I wish I could be as organized about my race schedule as you. I just wing it and a lot of times signing up last minute :)

    1. Only because the number of races I do, I save money signing up early. $5-20 per race adds up over that many. I think next year I will scale back.......maybe. :)

  4. You are going to be busy this year! Awesome that you are a race ambassador for so many of them!

  5. I look at what races are out there and only decide on racing a couple of them... So I look for a few trail races that I want to do well in, I look for a few road races to aim at fast times. Them I just run every other race I can get to for fun!!!

    1. Agreed coach - only some are truly racing. Most are for fun.

  6. Just found your blog. :) I have only been running for about a year and a half. I just signed up for my first Half Marathon, the Detroit International Half. I've run in a handful of 5k races and just did my first 10k this past weekend where I placed third in my age group, which was a nice surprise! Just very nervous for the Half. Any words of wisdom?