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Aug 2, 2012

Running Companies that stood by their product

8 miles on the schedule today......done.  A tough morning but felt good overall.  Hip is a little sore but not a big deal.


I wanted to mention two companies related to the running industry that stood by their product recently.

The first is TP Therapy.  I bought a grid a little over a year ago.  Typically, the grid is guaranteed for one year.  Mine cracked after about 13-14 months in.  I contact the company and sure enough they sent a new one.  No questions asked.  A great company.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Grid and would not trade it for anything.  I use mine a tremendous amount including before/after running and also in the evening.
The Grid
The second item I had an issue with was with a pair of Drymax socks.  I have  a pair of Hot weather socks by Drymax.  Actually, I have several pairs of socks by them.  But the hot weather socks have a particular(blue) padding on the sock.  My wife had been washing/drying the socks for a couple months but then the material burned in the drying making the sock unusable.  I contacted them(through Facebook) and they sent me out a new pair.  In fact, they also sent me an extra one as well.  On top of that, it was not the companies fault but then all we did was dry them too.  Great support!
Hot Weather Running socks

Because of the way both companies handled things, I'll be a customer for life and I love both of their products.

Have you had any issues with a company that stood or didn't stand by their product?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I took back a 7 month old ipod nano to the Apple store at 12 oaks in Novi. The ipod had just stopped working for some reason. I didn't have the receipt, but they looked it up by the tiny serial number, saw when it was purchased, and gave me a new product/identical, no questions asked. No, not really a running product - but for me, it is - but just an example of great customer service.

  2. I love my Drymax socks, good to know they stand by their product and made in the USA! Definetly worth buying.

  3. I love my Grid foam roller too! Nice to hear both companies stood behind their products.