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Aug 7, 2012

July's recap

4 miles on the schedule today.....done!  It was really nice temps out so made for a nice run this morning.


I have not been too consistent on recapping each month but here's what happened:

Swim - 0 yards - of course, I have no access to a pool except up north.  I guess I could swim in the lake?

Bike - 40 miles - 4 workouts; 10 miles each

Run - 143 miles - running consistently 5 days per week.

Weights - did 4 workouts this month - I'm trying to be at one per week.

Races - NONE!  First month since February that I have not had a race but I have raced 7 races this year already.  Next up - North Country Trail Half

As you know, I've been struggling mostly on running even though my miles look decent.  Next month will probably show more running and less biking/weights since I tend to slack off on these as I run more.  Is the marathon here yet?  Less than 11 weeks left.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. So August should look really impressive with all of the running miles! LOL, the morning runs are killing me!

  2. Love the morning running. Hate the after work run!

  3. Better get the big runs in before Winter comes back. I normally only run on a Friday morning (other afternoons) but since it's winter here and I think it's rained every Friday for I don't know how long, those morning runs have been done in the afternoon. But like you I have a marathon in October and I might need to get fit, so I might try and put in a couple of extra morning runs...

    Good luck as the Marathon training picks up.

  4. I have been getting killed on my morning runs. My body really isn't used to it, unless I am racing.

    I bet it was nice taking a month from racing off. I have found that my training really slacks if I want to put 100% into a race. Sometimes I realize it is much better to be training for a target race, rather than sign up for a bunch of races just to run them.

  5. I want one of the huge North Country Run medals. Hopefully it's not the same weekend as the Crim every year. I wouldn't mind a day trip up to Manistee.

  6. I hope to make it up to North Country one day for the half when I can train/run again. Have fun and good luck! I will look forward to your recap too. :)