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Aug 21, 2012

Newton Gravity Shoe review

4 miles on the schedule today.....done!  Can't say I'm that excited to be running in the dark again but the schedule is the schedule and I'm not running after work.

Newton Gravity Neutral Trainer
A couple months ago Newton Running sent me a pair of their Newton Gravity Shoes to test and review.

I've heard so many good things about their shoes.  Also, if you follow triathlon, you know that Craig Alexander wears them.  I figured if a guy like that wears them, I'd be really happy with them.

Now being that these shoes are geared towards natural running, I could not just jump into a long run with these so I started off slowly by added a mile or so each time I was running.  My primary purpose of these would be for short runs and not long distance, however, these can certainly be used for long distance since they are trainers made for long runs.
Great little brochure that helps with the shoes
At first look, I love them!  Look at that those bright colors.  They really pop when you run in them.  The upper is quite comfortable and light.  The shoes run about 9.1 oz. for a size nine - nice and light.  I like how the tongue is a little harder near the top of the shoe near their name(see below).  It seemed to fit me quite nicely.  They have a large toebox so you have plenty of room for your toes to give you that natural feel.  The EVA midsole would help make the shoe last and I have no doubt that the quality is there.
Colorful outsole
Large tongue on end
I actually liked this as you could tighten the shoe but it felt very even on the foot
 There is a large reflective strip on the back of the shoes.  I think more companies should do this.  Why not help people that run in the dark like I do?  Also, as you can see, the black material helps give the upper some structure but still allowing your foot to move freely.
Great reflection on the back of the shoes
 As you can see the black material goes around the front of the shoe to bring it all together.  A really nicely designed upper.
Here a look at the bottom of the shoe.  As you can see there are four orange grooves(called external actuator lugs) that protrude out of the bottom of the shoe.  They are quite pronounced when walking in the shoes.
Even a colorful bottom. Ha!
Here's a better shot of the lugs that stick out on the bottom.  These are Newtons Action/Reaction Technology.  As you land on them, they move back into hollow chambers and this absorbs the shock from the landing.  Then, the lugs release their energy and help propel you forward.  Initially, I really liked this concept.  Especially since I'm newer to the whole natural running, I liked that I could tell when I landed properly in the shoes.  However, as I got to wear them more, I didn't like those sticking out and in the end would rather that they were not built into the design.  I also did not feel that the lugs moved into the shoe nor gave me energy as I ran.  I just felt the lugs always on the outside.   I could see this feature for a really new runner(such as one that was not used to running in other running shoes) but I'm not sure it's something that most experienced runners would like all the time.  Of course, I'm no Craig Alexander and based on his success, they are certainly proven shoes.
Orange lugs to help give you energy.
Overall, I really like the fit of the upper but just can't get over the way the shoes are made to run on.  It kind of felt like it was something that kept me from running like I should be running and almost forcing you to land on those bars each time.  Perhaps if they were more flexible I would feel the benefit more?  I suppose that is the point of the way the shoe is made as it's their patented technology that makes the shoes stand out from other brands.

Likes -

  • Very comfortable upper
  • Really well made, quality shoe
  • Love the colors available
  • Environmentally conscience company with recycled laces, webbing, insole topcover

Dislikes -

  • $175 - I'm not sure I see the benefit.  Yes, high quality but worth twice a regular running shoe?
  • Those darn lugs on the bottom of the shoe - I just don't get it.  Sorry.
Overall, would I recommend these shoes?  I'm sorry to say that I would not.  I just could not get that comfortable in them.  I know lots of people really like them including professionals.  I really like the style and upper but couldn't get comfortable running in these.  I'd probably opt to purchase two pair of shoes that have a better feel when running.

If you are interested in learning more about Newton Running shoes?

Go to their Website, HERE

Go to their Facebook Page, HERE

Go to their Twitter Page, HERE

I would like to thank Newton Running for the opportunity to try out their running shoes.

* Note - I received a complimentary pair of Newton Gravity shoes in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the shoes.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. From what I've read, people either love or hate them - nice balanced review, Jeff!

  2. Very nice review, Jeff. I can imagine it being tough to write something for a product you didn't enjoy. I have always wondered about these shoes and this was really informative!

  3. Well writen, and like you I wouldn't spend all that money on them, but if some-one gave me a pair I would try them. Other shoes out there have caught my attention and I've looked at ways of getting a pair, but not with Newtons...
    But as you say some people love them!

  4. Nice review Jeff. I have been a casual runner/jogger for over 20yrs. I purchased a pair of Gravities 6 months ago. I went through the process of deciding if I should pay for 1 pair of Gravities or buy 2 pairs of another running shoe. I chose the Gravities.
    After wearing the Gravities and trying to keep an open mind; I suddenly
    started having knee and foot problems. Specifically plantar faciitis. I am currently deciding if it is me and the fact that I am getting older or if it is the shoe that has caused these problems. I am leaning towards the latter because I have never had any type of injury problems in the past. Any thoughts? I am 51 and am 6'1" weigh 205 lbs... so maybe it is me?

  5. Wow, this was a great review. Everywhere I looked, Newton was talking about how good these lugs were, and so were many reviews. I always wondered if those huge bars ever got uncomfortable. No one ever said that they did, until now. Thanks, because $175 is a lot of money and I thought the design was a little risky to start with. Those lugs are a huge part of the shoe, and for that price, I don't want to risk hating it. Great review!

  6. Thanks for the review, I pretty much came to the same conclusion and i'm still running in them on my shorter runs. Overall the fit to my foot is nice, but the lugs are just hard to get used to. I have also found them to be very unstable on anything but road surfaces. For the price, I think there are better shoes out there. Here was my take on em.

  7. I am sad to say that I got suckered into this brand. I own a pair of Newton running shoes and I can tell you two things: After just one run, my shoes looked like they had 200 miles on them. After 10 runs, they were practically shot. Now they sit in my closet, waiting for the day I hand them off to some homeless guy on the street. Some people complain that they get injured in them. I didn't have this problem, but they were definitely awkward to run in. DON'T GET SUCKERED!!!! THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING NEWTONS!!!!

  8. I don't often comment, but figured I should to balance all the negative reviews. I had a pair of Newtons a few years ago and they were pretty much my favorite running shoes ever. Super comfortable and light. Running shoes are very specific to each person, so to each his own. The shoes I got after the Newtons were much cheaper, but I didn't like them nearly as much. I agree that the lugs are an inconvenience if you're not running on a fairly level surface. I also wasn't crazy about how they felt running on treadmills. I definitely enjoyed running with them and am strongly considering dropping the money on a new pair.

    1. I agree. They just did not work for me and if they work for you, that's great.

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