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Apr 29, 2012

Zensah Compression Socks review

Zensah contacted me recently inquiring if I'd be interested in doing a review of their compression socks.  It actually proved to be a perfect time for me to do this review as I have been contemplating purchasing compression socks.  I have always felt that compression gear is helpful in the recovery of your legs after running/exercise.

Here's what I was sent:

According to Zensah, their compression socks results in the following benefits:

  • Increased oxygen blood flow to the lower legs
  • The only compression socks to incorporate arch support
  • Silver Ions regulate body temperature
  • Decreased recovery time allowing legs to feel fresh
  • Compression support reduces edema when traveling
I can't comment on the last item as I have not been able to travel with them but I can attest that the Zensah compression socks do everything else they have listed.  My plan is to wear these after my next marathon next week for the five hour drive home immediately after the marathon.  I have worn these daily since I received them and they certainly make a difference in how my legs feel.  They really help those nagging little stresses in your legs that you sometimes feel after a run.

The Zensah Fabric is thermal-regulating, moisture wicking and ultra breathable.  I have typically worn these from the time I go to bed until my run in the morning.  They are very comfortable.  I like the fact that they also have compression through my feet as well as up to my calf.  
I feel great when I go out for my next run and since I started marathon training about 18 months ago(for several marathons), my legs get beat up running four days in a row.  The difference when I don't wear the compression socks is amazing.  I've also worn them after my workout and they help to massage my legs throughout the day.  I also like the extra support that these compression socks give my on my feet.  You can feel the extra support.
See the extra support on the achilles
Personally, I did not like wearing them during a run.  I know many of you do like to use them while running, but I just could not get used to using them while running.  Perhaps I just need to get used to them more.  They do stay in place so running with them is not an issue.  It's just not what I'm comfortable with.

I would recommend purchasing a pair to try them for yourself.  I think you will find that if your legs are feeling a bit stressed from training for any type of race, these will help.  Specifically, they helped me on my calf and also on my achilles.
Feels great on the calf and shin
I have finished some runs and felt like I would not be able to run the next day but after a night in the compression socks, I did not have any issues running again.  There have been times previously that I had to take an extra rest day.

Interested in learning more?  Zensah sells many other compression products as well.

Check out their Website HERE

Check out their Facebook page HERE

Check out their Twitter page HERE

* Please note that I received a complimentary pair of Zensah compression socks for this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Thanks for the review. Because of my persistant shin pain, I decided to try Zensah's calf/shin compression sleeves. They don't solve my problem (so far nothing has!) but I do feel better wearing them. I've worn them a few times while running and haven't had a problem with them. I wear them a lot lately - all day and night most days. I may have to check out some of their socks one of these days too.

    1. Janet - use the Zensah's in addition to foam rolling. See my review of the Rummbleroller or try a TP therapy grid. They are better than traditional foam rollers. Dig deeper into the muscle. Good luck!

  2. I bought my first pair of compression socks a few weeks ago and LOVE them. I got some from ProCompression.
    Have a great last week of training Jeff, and thanks for the encouraging comment!

  3. Interesting review. I use the compression socks only in winter or during the workout after a tough race.
    Have a good running week.

  4. Thanks for the review - very nice. Love my compression socks.