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Apr 4, 2012

Son's running picture

8 miles on the schedule today.....done!  Uneventful - just the way I like it!  Finally I'm also starting to see the sun come up --- I can see some light at least at the end of my run.


Here's a picture my son made with a lego guy on it.  It's hard to read but the green part says, "Best runner ever" - I blanked out his name which is why you see white circles.  Very cool!


Also, I forgot to tell everyone that I past the one year mark for not running on the treadmill.  March 24, 2011 was my last time on the treadmill.  I know many of you have had years off it but in Michigan, I think that's pretty good.  Working on two years now.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I Love the Picture! My youngest likes to draw and I usually get a running picture for Mothers day. I love to see how we look through our children's EYES! Btw Great job sticking to your 1 year goal!!

    Happy Running

  2. I ran on a tread mill last year for the first time in lots of years... but more to the point: I've started a streak, I'm not mad like the real "streakers" but have mad 117 days and would like to see if I can make a year.
    good luck with the 2nd year, with winter almost over it must be getting easier and easier!

    1. Coach - I actually don't mind winter as long as there's not snow. I hate running through snow but we barely had any this year. The coldness does not bother me unless it gets down below 10 degrees.

  3. That's pretty cool the kid pic and the no treadmill!

  4. That picture is soooooooo sweet!!! What a little artist!! I love the lego man as an added touch, too;)

    Huge props to you for being off the treadmill for over a year. Now that I'm in Seattle (Which probably isn't as bad as Michigan?) I understand the trials and tribulations of running outside...outside of paradise. Man was I spoiled rotten. I'm feeling like a hard core running diva..