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Apr 6, 2012

First trail Run of the year

5 miles on the schedule....done!  Perhaps a little more tired than usual since I just ran 6.2 yesterday after work.


Yesterday after work I decided I would run on the trails at Stony Creek.  I've never run on the trails by the golf course so thought it would be fun to try those out.  The trail have various levels of difficulty but I saw them as easy or hard.  Ha!  I need to get used to running more on the trails so I'm not only ready for the Back to the Beach Half that will be at Stony Creek with about half trails but also for the North Country half in August.

Here's a few pictures from the trails.
Fun with hills
A small hill in the beginning of the run

Exactly the kind of trail I like; soft on your feet dirt
While I didn't take any pictures of it, there were plenty of technical trails with lots of stones, roots and even some logs to run over.  It was rarely straight and was typically up or down in many sections and not flat.  Some sections felt like forever while others felt like minutes to get through.  One thing that I really enjoyed is that it feels like you are miles from everything like I feel when I run up north.

Overall the temps were pretty decent for running being in the high 40's.  It was the first time I tested a new pair of trail shoes that I using for an upcoming review.  So far so good.  Very comfortable shoes.  I only planned to do 5 miles since I had 5 miles to run this morning but ended up going 6.2 since I did exactly know the distance of each section.  Oh well.  It was fun.

Posted a new photo as well:  Detroit Runner Photography

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I won't get in a trail run until May, these trails look great, glad you got out there.

  2. Those look like pretty smooth trails. I like it when they are well groomed. I am actually running a trail race today and much of it will be single track. I admit; I am a bit nervous!

    1. Good luck Kyrla today. The trails here are maintained by the mountain biking association which is great!