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Apr 30, 2012

Hyland Post #18 - Marathon week

4 miles on the schedule today.  Actually I had 3 on the schedule but I switched it up so I'll finish out 3 and 2 miles this week.


Here's a recap of week #17 of 18 weeks of marathon training:

Miles Run:  24.14 miles
Days Run:  5 days
Cross Training:  None
Time Run: 3 hours and 27 minutes


This past week was another taper week.  My weekly runs have reduced in length and my last long run that I did on Saturday was only 8 miles and I tried to throw in a few more hills.  That's it - I'm pretty much ready or not to run the Flying Pig.  I've only got three runs this week including today's 4 miler, a 3 and 2 miler then I'm resting for Thursday through Saturday.  The big day is Sunday at 6:30am.

I'll use the rest days to worry like crazy try and calm myself and be mentally prepared to run a good race.  I'm still freaking about the hills - I should have trained on more hills but what's done is done.

I'll post a recap of the race next week as well so you can see how I did or didn't do.  It's looking like it might be a little warmer than I like it to be but a lot can change in a week.  If you have been following my training for this marathon each week, thanks and I hope whatever training you are doing, this has helped you in some way.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Dude you got this! Your training has gone really well. I have enjoyed reading about it.

    Enjoy your rest days and then kill it come marathon day!

  2. I'm a newbie runner (also in Metro Detroit!) and I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I found it a few weeks ago, and love the product reviews and reading your down to earth posts. Good luck with the Marathon! Can't wait to read all about it!

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I took a look at the elevation chart for F.P. Sooo there's that one big hill. Luckily it is from miles 5-8..i.e. early. Looks like about 300' total or 100' per mile which is a 2% grade. Not gut busting, no climbing gear needed !.. but a long S.O.B climb!

    My strategy for such a biggie would be to try to run it with equal can't power up such a long bugger. Slow down so you feel about the same as on the flat...maybe a little more output.

    Then when you hit the backside, I would try to get back the time on the downhills.

    Luckily the end of the race is pretty flat. That's where I never want to see a big hill!

    Good luck and we'll be spectating (from afar).

    (Someday I will run that race 8)

    1. Paul - I absolutely agree with your strategy. I don't want to kill it on that 5-8 mile stretch and then have nothing left. Good thing I'm doing this one just for fun. No time goal in mind. Whatever happens, happens.