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Jun 29, 2015

Marathon Training Week #14 complete

A great cutback week for me.  I did 2 yoga sessions for cross training and I ended up skipping my Thursday run because my foot hurt but, fortunately, taking that extra day off really helped it and I'm back and ready to roll for a new week ahead.

31.5 miles this week with all trails.  It should have been 36.5 but I'm glad I took the extra day.  I ran the Two Hearted Half Marathon by Great Lakes Endurance in the U.P. on Saturday as well as running at Aspen Park near my cottage in Gaylord.  I can't wait to share my views of the race.

Next week is THE big week.  I've got my 20 miler planned on the North Country Trail and Jordan River Valley trails.  This is always a really hard run for me but I know it pays dividends and it's one of my favorite trails.  I'll be in taper mode after that too so the cut backs are coming.  I can't believe how fast this training schedule is going.

Hope your training is going well too.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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