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May 5, 2015

Marathon Training Week 5 complete!

Week five complete.  This week I got all my required miles in:

Actually, I got in a couple more miles than planned but only because I went over on the miles a little for a couple runs.

I also got to run a new trail to me at Holly Recreation Area.  It was a great run with some awesome views of the lakes and lots of elevation.  Here's the path we took.  If you have ever camped there, we started right where the campground is.  It's definitely a route I want to run again.
Holly Rec Area
Here's the fun elevation of ups and downs:

I ended my week with a fall on the trail and a bloody hand.
A little fall
It's all part of the trail running experience.  If you run trails, you will fall occasionally.

13 weeks to go!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Don't worry I'm also battered and bruised from my last trail race!

  2. I'm hoping to run more trails this summer, but considering I fell a couple weeks ago running on flat pavement, I'm not sure that it is the best idea.