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Dec 4, 2014

Saucony Triumph ISO review

I received a pair of Saucony's new Triumph ISO from Saucony via my #Fitfluential ambassadorship for this review.

For those that read my blog regularly, you know that my go-to shoe is the Saucony Ride.  That still remains my favorite road shoe I've run in and I can't even tell you how many pairs or shoes I've gone through of them - probably at least 4,000 miles!

Of course, when I had an opportunity to run and test their new Triumph ISO, I literally jumped at the chance to run in these.  Saucony has a new campaign they are doing called the #whoaface.  Essentially, their claim is that once you try these, you will have the Whoa face.  That explains the box they came in with all the faces on them.  When you opened the box, the box said "whoa" - a great marketing tool and really fun as well.

The shoes have an high tech look to them and also have nice bright highlights on them.  Even the soles are bright!  A very nice looking pair of shoes.

These shoes are unlike any shoe I've ever run in including the other Saucony shoes I've worn.  First, for a well cushioned shoe, they are quite light running at 10.3 oz.  While they are not extremely light, they did feel lighter than they actually are.  They barely feel there when you have them on.  The design on the upper is very unique in that the overlays are built into the shoe with the laces, called the ISO fit.  You can see below the cutouts on the shoe.  I presume this helps make it a lighter shoe but it also stabilizes your foot as well.  It's like nothing I've ever seen and the feel of it is incredible!

They also took the outsole and dug out some of the material in order to lighten the weight.  Not only does it make it lighter, it give the shoe a smooth transition from toe to heal.  The shoe has a unique feeling when it's wet too.  It feels like the shoe grips the surface more when it's wet.  None of my shoes have ever felt that way when wet.  I was really surprised by this.

The shoes are an 8mm offset and are made for Neutral runners.  I chose an 8.5 size which is my regular running shoe size and the fit is true to size.  I've never worn anything but an 8.5 in a Saucony shoe.

The toe area has a thin overlay on it as well that covers much of the toe.  This makes for a nice seamless design in this area.  The shoes also include their signature Powergrid making for a light shoe and a nice cushioned feeling.  This version actually includes Powergrid+ that gives 20% more cushioned feel.  This is, in fact, their most cushioned shoe available.

Outside of my Hokas, these shoes give the feeling of the most cushioned shoe that I own without the weight to go along with it.  I feel like I can run fast in these, and even if you can't run fast, you sure feel fast with the exceptional look of these.  The transition from toe to heel feels very smooth on these as they feel like they are molded personally for you - that's the unique ISO fit - almost like a custom fit!

Saucony went with their flat laces on these which was a good choice.  I really like the feel of these laces on my other Saucony styles.  They keep the foot secured well and they don't come untied ever during my runs.

Below is a close up of the ISO system. That coupled with the laces locks your foot in.
The heel collar is quite unique.  I've actually never seen a heel collar quite that thick and not sure for the reason behind it.  I was actually a little worried about it when I first saw the shoe.  Regardless, it's very comfortable around your foot and I did not feel it at all.

The tongue feels a little thicker than their other shoes.  I'm not sure it really is or not but it seems to pair well with the ISO system.

As you can see by my #whoaface, I was very pleased with this shoe.  I love the fit and feel and could easily see myself running a full marathon distance in these.  The only drawback that I saw in these shoes was the price. At $150, they are expensive(about $30 more than the Ride I usually wear) but I do believe that Saucony has come up with one of their best shoes to date and I'm happy to pay that much for a pair of shoes that I will no doubt put lots of miles on.  This is the third style of Saucony that I've worn with this being one of my favorites.  Again, Saucony has been my go-to shoe for road running and will continue to be if they continue to make shoes like this.
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary pair of Saucony Triumph ISO from Saucony as part of a #Fitfluential ambassador campaign. All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a particular opinion other than an honest one.


  1. These are a great shoe - I agree with you that this might be their best shoe yet

  2. Agreed! Don't think Saucony has ever made a shoe that's this good.