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Dec 1, 2014

My run in Key West Florida

This past week we went on vacation in the Caribbean on a Cruise and I was able to get a couple nice runs in when we were in port.  First up was Key West Florida.  I had not been to Key West before and it looked like a nice place for a run so I took advantage of it.  The downtown area was right next to the port so it was very convenient.
Our view from the Ship
I had talked to someone that works for the cruise ship about where to run and she suggested a run to the Southern most point in the United States which was a little over 3 mile run.  Perfect!  Here's the route I ended up running:
Key West Route
Apparently there are wild roosters in Key West that roam the area and I saw one a few minutes into my run and had to grab a picture of him.
The town has a lot of shops and tons of bars.  In fact, it seemed like the bars were crowded later on in the day around noon like as if it were 10pm at night.

The route was through town all the way on Duval st which dead ends.  I didn't see the landmark and ended up on a pier which was beautiful.  It was a gorgeous day with it already 79 degrees when I started.
Pretty palm trees
One block over, I found the landmark that shows it's the Southernmost point in the Continental USA and also only 90 miles from Cuba.  One of my best pictures on a run ever.  I'm glad I went to it since there were not many people out yet.  This was about half way into my run.
Southernmost point
As I was running back, the town was already getting ready for Christmas.  It was strange running in the heat and seeing Christmas decorations all around with the palm trees.
Christmas and palms
As I headed back to the ship, I was able to run past a few famous places including the Hard Rock cafe and also Sloppy Joe's Bar.  Neither were opened yet but I came back with the family later on that day.
Hard Rock - Key West
Sloppy Joe's Bar
After that, I headed back to the ship and got a nice picture of it before getting on it to get ready for the day of fun.  This was one of my best runs on vacation even though it was a short one.
Carnival Freedom
I'll share my Cozumel run later in the week.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. It's always hot for Christmas...
    Great idea to run South...
    I'm not big into the idea of a cruise holiday, but I do love following a friends life while she works on a boat (floating hotel!)

  2. Great pictures of one of my favorite vacation destinations! There are few things I love more than sightseeing while running.