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Nov 18, 2014

Running Warehouse customer service

I've been a client of Running Warehouse for several years now.  They always offer a great deal on gift cards each year that I take advantage of and this year I bought 4 - $100 cards and received 4 - $25 cards free.  I got them last night and they included an extra $100 card in there on accident.  I called them to let them know they made a mistake and they said they would give me a free $25 electronic gift card for calling and letting them know.

Wow - I'm impressed.  Love this place.

I also buy local too for some things.  Yeah, I spend a lot on running.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. That's great customer service! I buy a lot of my shoes and other running gear from Running Warehouse and I've been pleased with their service. I took advantage of their gift card deal, too!

  2. I try to buy local as well, but its almost impossible with the ridiculous markup. I'll usually buy shoes from Running Warehouse or RoadRunnerSports - I think they both do an exceptional job

    1. I agree. I like to buy locally, but it's tough to beat RW discounts. I bought 300 in gift cards and got 75 for free :)