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Nov 13, 2014

PR Soles Recovery Sandals review

As you may or may not know, I'm an ambassador for Gone for a Run and the periodically send me their merchandise to review.  The website has all kinds of running things and gifts and is a really great website.  This time around I received the Runners Recovery Sandals they sell.  Check them out:

They come in a nice little tech storage sleeve so they are easy to travel with.  If you are like me, most races that I do longer than half marathon require me to travel so it's nice to keep them in here.
Nice travel bag
I've basically been wearing them the last couple months after races or long runs.  They are a slip in design so you can even wear them with your socks if you choose.  While they are made from a durable material on the top, it feels like a black plastic and I'm not a fan of how it feels.  As a guy especially, it tends to pull at my hair on the top of my feet leaving a not so comfortable feeling.  I would have liked to see them just make these into regular flip flops with less upper material or a softer material.  They do work just fine with socks on though.
Plastic top not that comfortable unless you have socks on
The footbed on the other hand is very comfortable.  It's like walking around while getting a massage.  There are raised "triggers" that activate the nerve endings in your feet to help sooth them.  I can attest they felt great on my feet after running my 50k in October.  It's also nice that they are lightweight and water resistant so you don't need to worry about them.
The key is the comfortable footbed
The bottom of the soles have a nice traction to them to keep you from slipping as well.
Good traction
While the beds are comfortable, the biggest thing for me is they are not that comfortable on the top of my foot while barefoot which means at this point, unfortunately, I would not recommend them.  I do, however, really enjoy everything else the website offers and there are some great gift ideas for your runner so check out the website.

Interested in learning more?  They retail for $29.99 on their website.

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