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Jun 19, 2014

Posture+ and Stress Roller by Backjoy

A little over a month ago I received the Posture+ and Stress Roller by Backjoy.  They were doing a contest for people to take the Posture Pledge.  I thought it was a great idea and the product really interested me.  Here's what I was sent:
Posture +
Stress Roller
The idea of the Posture+ is really simple.  Put it on your chair, sit on it properly and it will help you sit better so your posture is good.

I took mine to work with me since I literally sometimes sit for 10 hours a day.  It's terrible and really bad for you.  Unfortunately it's part of my occupation sitting at a computer all day.  Having weeks of use, I can tell you that it does exactly what it's supposed to do.  It keeps your posture in a good position.

I will say that it also makes it more comfortable to sit when you have good posture.  The only issue that I have is that it's not that comfortable to sit on it for long periods of time.  It's take a little getting used to using it daily and for long periods.  Due to this, I would switch it off and on during the day but it does the job.

I also received the Stress Roller.  I'm a huge fan of foam rollers and this is a nice supplement to the foam roller.  It's essentially two little balls that are sewn together for use on your muscles.  They are hard balls too so you can really dig into your muscle where you might not be able to on a foam roller.  It also includes little instructions to show you different types of exercise to do.
Stress ball instructions

As you can see above, it tells you how and where to use it to relieve the stress on your muscles.  I recommend this if you have places you are trying to massage that are difficult to get to.   Another really nice product.  Here's some other tips to help you with your posture - all of which I do!

Interested in learning more?

Go to their website.

Go to their Facebook page.

Go to their Twitter page.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary Posture+ and Stress Roller in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a particular opinion other than an honest one.


  1. Jeff,

    Thanks to your heads up I was able to win one of these as well. I am told it has shipped. I am looking forward to using it at work. Thanks again for the heads up.

  2. Interesting. Like you I spend more hours in front than a computer than I'd like to admit. That's cool that it actually helped your posture.