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Jun 26, 2014

Hydration - my new option

So I've been running with a water bottle for the last several years and it's gotten me through 74 races including 5 marathons and 26 half marathons.  I think the handheld water bottle is sufficient for most races, however, now that I've committed to running a 50k in October, I really don't want to run with an handheld for 31 miles.

Here's what I use now:
Clean bottle - runner
Let me say that while I know lots of people hate carrying a water bottle, it does not bug me that much.  I've grown used to it and it's an extension of me now.  If it had room for more stuff for a really long run and I was not going to run out of water, it's probably all I would use.  I love the Clean Bottle!  It's got room for a gel or two and my keys and I can go typically up to 13 miles without refill.  This will still remain my main way to hydrate on runs and races.

Since I want my hands free for the 50k, I decided I needed to go with some kind of hydration system.  I ordered an Orange Mud hydration system a couple weeks ago but it didn't work for me so I returned it.  I really like the concept too.   It sits on your back. Check it out:
Orange Mud HydraQuiver
It's actually a really high quality product with plenty of storage but the bottles leaked for me and it just was not a good fit.  My running buddy also ordered one too and loves his though.  They are coming out with a new handheld next year and I can't wait to see what that looks like.

So onto stage 2 and hopefully the final stage.  I purchased another Hydration system by Camelbak:
Camelbak Marathoner
I just got it yesterday in the mail and I'll be testing it on a short 4 mile run this morning to see how this one works.  I'm hoping this is it and it has plenty of room for gels, snacks, phone and plenty of water.  I can't wait to try it out.  While it's much bigger than the Orange Mud type, there are some advantages such as more water and more storage but I'm sure it gets warmer wearing it too so we will see.  If all goes well, I'll be running 17 miles on Saturday and 8 miles on Sunday all on trails with it.  I need to get used to running with it so I can use it on all my long runs as well as my trail marathon in August.

So tell me, what do you use?  Handheld?  Place water bottles ahead of your route? A pack like Camelbak?  What do you like?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Hi Jeff. I started my long runs with a Salomon single bottle hydration belt and used it for almost a year. But it bounced too much. Last may I upgraded to a Fitletic hydration belt with 2 8oz bottles that I can add 2 additional 8oz bottles so I have plenty of water for hot summer long runs. It's great because it stays put and doesn't bounce or move at all and it has room for 2 gels on outside loops and 2 more gels + cell phone on the fanny pack. I really got used to it and can imagine going on a longer than 10k run without it.

  2. I only carry a handheld on training runs over 13 miles when I'll need a gel. For races I use aid stations. I'm doing my first 50k in August and need to think about hydration options myself, so I'm curious to hear your review of this over a few runs. Does it bounce? Is it heavy? I'll probably go for a belt option because I don't think I want something on my back but I haven't decided yet. I hope this works well for you!

  3. For short runs I use a handheld, but my longer runs are all with my camelback!

  4. I run with a pack, if you run with a bottle what about your phone? a jacket (I'm normally alone on the mountian)? food if you are planning on a 3-4hour run? That pack looks nice with place for a bottle in front, I hear those are good, you can than have water and an energy drink with you!!!

  5. I have a camelback for long hot run's a few tips - spend some time testing and adjusting the straps before you go out for a run. Ice cubes in the bladder are awesome when it's really hot (I fill mine with ice and then top off with water) and suck the excess air out before you close up the bladder just sit it upright and suck the air out.