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Jun 3, 2014

Great Lakes Marathon Series

Interested in running a fall marathon this year?  For those of us in the Midwest, or even those that want to visit the Midwest, check out the list of the marathons in the Great Lakes Marathon Series.

The above is a list of 25 marathons in the Great Lakes series.  I've only run one of the full marathons(Detroit) but I've run three of the half marathons(Glass City, Charlevoix and Sleeping Bear) and I'll be running the half at Waugoshance this year as well.

While it's almost a certainty that I will not run a marathon in 2015(I really need a break from that distance), I will be running plenty of half marathons.  From this list, I'd like to run all the events but top on this list for me would be Grand Island, Porcupine Mountains and Scotiabank Toronto half marathons.

Of course, if you are so inclined, you can also sign up to be a member of the series and once you run all 25 marathons, you will get a Great Lakes series Finisher jacket.  While I don't have the energy for another 25 marathons, it would seem to be something to strive for.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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