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Oct 27, 2014

Kona Chocolate coming in 3 weeks!!!!

No rest for the weary!!!  The Kona Chocolate Run is coming in only 3 weeks.  This is the last of the series for the Grand Slam and I'll be there doing the Kona Chocolate Double.

Check out the features of the race this year.  There's going to be lots and lots and LOTS of chocolate!  They will also have two tents this year to keep things moving fast and I can tell you that it worked out really well at Wicked Halloween this year too.(Race review coming later this week)

For those that have run the Kona St. Patrick's Day Run(5k or longer), the Kona Run(5k or longer), the Wicked Halloween run(5k or longer) this will get you the Grand Slam medal if you are running the 5k or longer for the Chocolate Run.  If you run the double, like I will be, you'll receive two additional medals for a total of THREE medals this time.  That's a total of eight medals just these Kona races.  Add in the Novi Half marathon and that's nine medals this year for them!  I'll do an extra post about all the swag later in the year because it deserves a separate post.

Here's a look at the routes for the Chocolate Run.  Compare your times with the Kona St. Patrick's Day race and the Wicked Halloween Race(as they are the same course):
10k route

5k route

1 mile route

And last but not least, the awesome swag that Kona offers(medals for 10k only).  Of course, the Grand Slam will be earned if you did all four of their races this year for at least a 5k distance as I mentioned above.

Then the Grand daddy!  The Grand Slam!
If you have not signed up yet, you have another week to take advantage of a $3 discount code online (use code CR127865) but you can always sign up through race day if they don't sell out.

If you are interested in learning more, go to their website to read more or register.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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