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Sep 6, 2014

Things you miss if you don't run.......

This was on the trail I was running today with my running buddy Kevin.  Be sure to duck if you hear gunshots.

While our Garmin's said about 13.5 miles, the actually miles we figured were closer to 16.5 miles.  Oops.  I was not supposed to do that many miles this week.  I only had 12 on the schedule.  Unfortunately, we were at Highland State Recreation Area which is usually a bad area for GPS signals.

Of course, we could have looked at the map which said we already had ran 13.5 miles on the trails.  We did another 3 miles on the dirt roads which was not much easier.  All to get our Garmin's to show 13.1 for the Strava challenge.  Yes, we were not thinking too straight.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I've heard gun shots while running but it was the police having a shootout with some robbers. Luckily no hunting on my trails...