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Sep 14, 2012

The RooSport review

Rest day on the schedule.


RooSport contacted me to see if I would have an interest in reviewing their RooSport pocket.  I'm always open for good ways to carry things when I'm running so I was happy to try it.
The RooSport
You can see how the rectangular magnet is sewn in place
This is a great alternative to a belt.  Occasionally belts tend to move around or ride up on you(at least for me) so I like having other options.  Sometimes the simplest things are the best ideas -- enter the RooSport!

This really is a great design.  This pocket basically fits on the top of your shorts.  You open the pocket with the orange tab.  Under the flap is a magnet(see picture above).  The magnet helps keep the RooSport in place on your shorts.  Here's a picture of it on me:

The pocket actually goes inside your shorts with the little outer flap sticking out of your shorts held in place by the powerful magnet.  It has two pockets - one that zips and one that is open with velcro.
Zipper pocket
Velcro pocket
The velcro pocket is large enough to hold a phone.  It held my iPhone.  It's also a great place to put gels since you can grab the top of the gel easily. The zip pocket can hold a credit card, keys, money.  I used it about a dozen times running and then tried to open the velcro pocket and I ripped the velcro out of where it was sewn in one side.  I'd probably rather see a magnet there or a snap so it would not come undone but it did still work even without the velcro enclosure.  I'm not even sure the velcro was necessary since the pocket is against your body and your shorts.
Source:  RooSport Website
I have to admit that, at first, I was not sure the pocket would stay in place so I ran with it a few times with little in it.  It didn't move at all.  After I was confident that it would not move or fall off, I tried it with more items.  What I found was that since it's really close to your body, I could not get a comfort level with it with my phone in the pocket.  I could, however, put keys, money, gels, credit card, my ipod shuffle(even has headphone opening), etc and it worked great.  In fact, I ran my last race with it and I kept checking to make sure it was there.  Since it's so comfortable, you don't even notice you have it on which I guess made me think about making sure it was there.  Again, it never moved so there was not worry it will fall off.

I think this is a great solution for marathon training where you want to carry some things(like gel, keys, money) but you don't really want to run with a belt full of stuff.

  • Very light and easy to use
  • It will not move when running
  • Great to carry a few items
  • Inexpensive($19.99)
  • The velcro sewn in the RooSport did not hold up very well
  • I would not use this for heavy items like a phone
  • Not waterproof(but they are working on a new product for that)
Interested in learning more?

Check out their website:  HERE

Check out their Facebook page:  HERE

Check out their Twitter page:  HERE

This week if you sign up with your e-mail, they are giving away a RooSport on their website too!

* Note - I received a complimentary RooSport in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product. 

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Interesting idea, but since I carry a phone, sometimes a camera, keys, nutrition and sometimes a bottle, a belt or vest is more useful to me.

  2. That's pretty cool! I know alot of times I don't want to wear a race belt, but wish I had something small just to carry my keys or whatever.

  3. Hmmm. I might worry that it rubs against my skin since it gets so humid down here in the Houston area. Otherwise, I like it.

    1. Hi, a lot of people worry that. However, the consensus is that it doesn't rub or chafe at all. Take a look at their Facebook Page and read some of the customer comments:

      You'll notice that many mention your same concern, only to excitedly discover that it doesn't rub against skin at all.

    2. I concur. I used it in hot weather and it did not chafe.

  4. Hmm interesting product...i have to admit that is one of my biggest pet peeves about running is were to put my stuff!

  5. Hmm. Very interesting. I wonder if it would still work if you put it outside of your shorts? I typically wear the compression style shorts, and the thought of having much stuff squeezed into my shorts with me doesn't seem very appealing. BUT, if this was adapted to fit on the outside of my shorts, I might be very interested. I have been sort of irresponsible lately and running without my phone and just my roadid and key.