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Sep 6, 2012

August Recap

6 miles on the schedule today......completed!  Not quite the best run I've had but not too bad either.


So here's a recap of my activities for last month:

Running:  179 miles; a new PR for me.

Bike:  10 miles ; boo hiss!

Weights: Zip, nothing, nada

Races:  One half marathon; the North Country Trail half.

Miles YTD 2012:  1,139
Well, it looks like my running took a turn for the better but I've neglected to keep up with biking and weights.  Probably my biggest issue is when I get into the meat of marathon training, I tend to slack on everything else.  Oh, well.  I'll probably get back into biking and weights after my marathon recovery sometime in the beginning of November.

Hope your August was good!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Great running in August! I think with marathon training in progress that is how it should be.

  2. You are crazy..... Not even close to being a slacker!!! Great job last month!