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Jun 7, 2017

Nathan Global Running Day Giveaway

It's that time of year again!  It's Global Running Day today.  How far did you run?

Last year Nathan did a giveaway for Global Running Day and they are doing it again this year.  I received some awesome products to test out and tell you about.  Check them out below!

First up is the Nathan Speedshot Plus.  This is a handy 12 oz water bottle.  I've been using this for the past six months and it's fantastic for short runs and races.  The top is soft to the touch and has a nice zipper pocket for keys or gel.  You can even get your iPhone 7 in there if that is all you put in it.  Nathan upgraded the bottle this year to give it more grip too.  I use mine at least 4 times a week and its showing no wear and you can also throw it in the wash with your other running stuff.

Speaking of wash, Nathan also included some packets of Power Wash.  This is detergent that is especially formulated to get the odors out of your running clothes.  I know we all have had that smell we just can't get out.  Give this a try!

Next is the McDavid Ucool Ultra Cooling Towel.  Just wet it and the towel automatically becomes up to 30 degrees cooler than the average body temperature.  I like it because it's large - 15 x 35 and you can easily throw it in the wash after use.  This will come in very handy when the temperatures start rising this summer or for those of you in warmer climates all year.  It's really soft and comfortable unlike some products I have seen like this.

Finally Nathan provided The Hipster.  This is a running belt that allows you to carry your phone (up to an iPhone 6 plus).  I only have the iPhone 7 but this belt got a ton of uses over the last six months.  The belt sits close to your body so it does not move around.  I can't even tell it's there most of the time until I need to use my phone.  I have found best results by having the phone in front of me so it's very convenient.  It's been a great tool to allow me to take pictures while on my runs in the morning.  I have to say that it's the most comfortable running belt I've worn and I've tried plenty.

So who would like to win this great package?

Nathan has offered to give away a set of this package to one lucky Detroit Runner reader.  Here's the rules:

1)  Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you did for Global Running Day (one entry)
2)  Share this post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag me(@detroitrunner, Detroitrunner or @detroitrunner1) and Nathan(@nathansportsinc, @nathanperformancegear, or @NathanSportsInc) (one entry)
3) Like Nathan on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and come back and let me know with a comment (one entry)

Good luck everyone!  I will post a winner one week from today!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Disclosure:  I receive each of these products in exchange for this blog post.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a particular opinion other than an honest one.


  1. Thanks Jeff and Nathan! Running 6 miles today in some pretty wonderful summer weather. Dan Oumedian

  2. I got a quick run before work this morning, legs are still a bit heavy from yesterday's long run!
    jlammers002 at woh dot rr dot com

  3. I shared the post on Twitter:
    jlammers002 at woh dot rr dot com

  4. I follow Nathan on Twitter with the handle @FireRunner2379.
    jlammers002 at woh dot rr dot com

  5. Very cool stuff, I need a new water bottle and have been meaning to try a new belt pocket thingie.
    I haven't run yet today but I have all my clothes ready to go for a speedy run after work! I'm thinking 6-7 miles of half-mile pickups.
    I also followed Nathan on Twitter and Instagram (@KristinDetroit) and liked/followed Facebook.
    Thanks, Jeff!

  6. I did a 5k recovery run! Followed Nathan on Instagram

  7. 5km in the morning
    and 10km in the evening
    storm chasing...

  8. I teach preschool and national running day was our first field day. After "running" around after kids all day I didn't have the energy for another run when I was done! I'll count field day as my workout.

  9. Followed you and Nathan on IG!

  10. I ran a 5 miler with my pups in the super early AM on global running day.

  11. I follow you and Nathan on Instagram under Dreaminofmysoldier.

  12. 8 mile run (3.5 miles of trails)

  13. Oh and I shared the post on twitter:



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